Engage and Empower Students by Using Wikipedia

Engage and Empower Students by Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is consistently one of the five most-visited websites in the world. However, users of the site typically limit their interaction to uncritical consumption of the information located there.

Letís take a more critical approach!

Wikipedia-based assignments offer a diverse and powerful opportunity for students to go beyond consumption and engage in a novel exploration of critical thinking, research, and writing.

By writing and editing articles for Wikipedia, students can share their knowledge with the world, resulting in robust learning experiences that engage, empower, and excite them.

Engage and Empower Students by Using Wikipedia, a Magna Online Seminar presented by Greg Szczyrbak, MS. Experience a guided tour through the inner workings of Wikipedia with an experienced Wikipedia Campus Ambassador and evaluate its value as a legitimate learning platform for your own classes.


Upon completion of this seminar, youíll be able to:

  • Evaluate Wikipedia as an opportunity for authentic learning
  • Uncover the open secrets behind how Wikipedia articles are created
  • Compare Wikipedia writing and editing to traditional academic assignments
  • Explain Wikipediaís Five Pillars
  • Explore Wikipedia features, including Talk pages, the History tab, and Sandbox
  • Identify key components of a successful Wikipedia-based assignment
  • Understand how to use Wikipedia in the classroom to improve critical thinking, research, and writing skills


This seminar offers a glimpse into how Wikipedia can empower students to share their knowledge with the world around them. Through real-life strategies and helpful background information, this seminar shows you how to use a tool you already understand in a new way to increase student engagement, boost critical thinking, and improve information literacy.


  • The Wikipedia community
  • The basics of editing Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia-based assignments
  • Navigating complex and contentious media landscapes
  • Critical thinking and media literacy


This seminar will benefit instructors, faculty, instructional technologists, and instructional designers.

Your seminar registration includes the following:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from the speaker
  • On-demand access for 1-year
  • Written transcript
  • Supplemental materials
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

For the seminar, you can have as many people participate in the program as you like using the single connection by using a large screen, projector, and speakers.

There is no limit to how many times the seminar is accessed while available.


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