Facilitate Deep Learning and Student Engagement through Socratic Questioning

Facilitate Deep Learning and Student Engagement through Socratic Questioning

In your classroom, there’s no underestimating the value of a question.

After all, you and your students ask each other questions all the time.

But are you asking the types of questions that keep students engaged and excited about the course material?

A proven and simple way to stimulate the way your students think is through Socratic questioning.

In order to effectively use this technique, you must understand the types of questions you should be asking students, as well as how and when to ask them.

Order the Facilitate Deep Learning and Student Engagement through Socratic Questioning online seminar, presented by Julie Schrock, PhD, and Steven Benko, PhD. You’ll view and analyze effective and ineffective examples of Socratic questioning, so you can continue to support student learning through useful questioning techniques and avoid questions that stifle student inquiry and thinking.


There’s no denying that when you ask better questions, you get better answers. And with better answers, comes increased classroom engagement.

This seminar walks you through the Socratic questioning teaching method and provides actionable strategies for implementing the technique into your classes. In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Proven tactics for applying Socratic questioning to your classes
  • The benefits of using Socratic questioning in your classes
  • Effective and ineffective examples of Socratic questioning
  • How Socratic questioning helps students spot the gaps in their own learning

This seminar will help produce students who are more engaged, better able to reach learning goals, and more curious learners, leading to academic success that reflects well on faculty and institutions.


Maximize the impact of your classroom conversations! Socratic questioning allows you to increase disciplined and thoughtful dialogue, enhance critical thinking, heighten student engagement, and inspire students to become lifelong learners.

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze student comments and questions and identify which elements of thought the student is using in their thinking, then respond with questions that will engage the student in deeper and broader thinking
  • Use Socratic questioning to facilitate students’ understanding of the connection between their thinking and their questions and comments
  • Ask follow-up questions that extend student participation and encourage other students to join the conversation
  • Use questioning as an alternative method of delivering content and assessing student understanding of the material


  • Socratic questioning
  • Student engagement
  • Deep learning
  • Encouraging participation


This seminar is intended for faculty who are looking to facilitate deeper learning, increased engagement, and critical thinking in their classroom, leading to learners who are good representatives of their programs of study and institutions.


You’re probably aware of the need for increased engagement and critical thinking in the classroom. There’s an array of techniques out there promising more engaged students, but choosing which method to use and then properly implementing it can be overwhelming.

Order this today seminar and learn about a time-tested teaching method, presented in a simple way, that meets the needs of faculty and faculty developers.

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