Getting Started with Backward Design: Meaningful and Measurable Learning Outcomes

Getting Started with Backward Design: Meaningful and Measurable Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes and objectives are the first step in backwards design. As such they hold the primary spot in the course development process. Faculty engaged in course or program development who are ill-equipped to design meaningful and measurable outcomes face the prospect of a poorly designed course and less than meaningful learning experiences for students. In addition, when outcomes and objectives are mandated by an institution and those outcomes are not meaningful and measurable, faculty can address this lack by designing module objectives that are meaningful and measurable. The process of developing learning outcomes that actively engage learners in a way that clearly describe what learners will learn and be able to do includes design principles to guide course authors. The use of backwards design provides for more relevant and meaningful learning experiences; ensures that the required course outcomes are met; and prepares learners to perform successfully on their final assessment. One starts with the end—the desired results (goals or standards)—and then “derives the curriculum from the evidence of learning (performances) called for by the standard and the teaching needed to equip students to perform” (Wiggins & McTighe, 2000).

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss the purpose and best practices of course outcome design
  • Identify and refine the course outcomes in your own program, course, or unit
  • Summarize the parts of the outcomes design process

Here's What We'll Cover

Pre-Design Phase:

  • Conduct a Needs Assessment

Design Phase:

  • Using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to Construct Objectives
  • Characteristic of Well-Designed Learning Objectives

Post-Design Phase:

  • Create a Course Map
  • Propose Curriculum Design/Revision to Relevant Governing Bodies
  • Program and Course Evaluation

Who Should Attend

This seminar will benefit:

  • Faculty
  • Curriculum and instruction supervisors and/or directors
  • Academic deans
  • Department chairs
  • Faculty development staff
  • Assessment offices and leaders
  • Accreditation leaders
  • Online learning faculty and directors


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