How to Observe and Evaluate Online Teaching

How to Observe and Evaluate Online Teaching


Assessing online courses has become a challenge at many colleges and universities. While some department chairs and deans understand the rhythms of online classes from having taught them, many administrators have only face-to-face teaching experience. As a result, they often lack reliable ways for observing and evaluating the quality of their online classes.

How to Observe and Evaluate Online Teaching explores ways that administrators can measure and assess the performance of online classes to enhance their success.


In How to Observe and Evaluate Online Teaching, the presenter provides tools and criteria for determining the strengths and weaknesses of online courses in almost any discipline. 

Discover how to:

  • Recognize barriers that impede the evaluation of online teaching
  • Focus on teaching behaviors that are effective in every teaching situation—and those that work particularly well in online instruction only
  • Distinguish between interactions that are teaching behaviors and those that aren’t
  • Locate five key places to look in the learning management system to observe and measure online teaching
  • Gather and use measurable evidence to formulate online teaching strategies


The presenter shows you how to weigh the features of your online courses and find ways to help them thrive.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify unconscious biases that complement both face-to-face and online teaching environments
  • Explain the difference between teaching behaviors and course design elements in online classrooms
  • Set up consistent optimal conditions for observing online teaching that account for institutional, program, and subject matter differences
  • Make informed decisions for promotion, tenure, and adjunct-faculty employment in online teaching


This program gives guidance for assessing the underlying foundation of your school’s online course offerings.

You will learn about the significant interactions for evaluating design and teaching in online courses.  

Presenter Thomas Tobin will discuss models of effective, engaging online teaching behaviors that you can adapt and use immediately in your own courses.

You will also learn how to select dependable sources of information for use in assessing online teaching.


This presentation provides direction and analysis to campus leaders, particularly:

  • Department chairs
  • Deans
  • Faculty senate members
  • Teaching center directors
  • IT leaders
  • Institutional research staff


Come away with clear guidelines and powerful assessment tools for your online course offerings. Buy your program today to learn how to ensure the growth and success of your online curriculum.

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