How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning?

How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning?

Discover the communication behaviors that motivate students

Educators invest considerable time and effort to become masters of their subject matter. They work hard at developing unique, innovative in-class pedagogy and assignments. With this foundation, they expect students to learn what they have to teach.

So why, despite their expertise and effort, do educators struggle to get students engaged, motivated, performing well, and understanding their goals for them as students?

Research suggests that the answer lies in a single set of communication behaviors known as immediacy skills. These verbal and nonverbal messages, when practiced authentically by educators, encourage students to commit to their courses and their goals for them.

Learning these communication behaviors that maximize motivation and improve learning is at the heart of How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning? the 20-Minute Mentor video from Magna Publications.

Learning Goals

Learn a series of specific behaviors and how to incorporate them into your instructional activities.

After watching this program, viewers will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of verbal and nonverbal immediacy communication for effective teaching
  • Discuss how immediacy enhances students' motivation and its positive effects on the course
  • Influence students' perceptions of teacher credibility, personalized education, and mentoring skills

For example, find out about strategies for implementing immediacy behaviors in your in-class and out-of-class interactions with students. Get practical suggestions on how to motivate students to come to class or your office, and to engage with the content outside class.

You learn how to self-assess your communication skills in the instructional context to see what works best for you and your students—and pick up new techniques to broaden your abilities.

Mastering these behaviors can maximize the amount of influence teachers have on students and promote a range of positive learning outcomes.

"...easily the best presentation of the past few years. I made notes, distributed them to my faculty and urged them to watch… I felt that you were able to address these complex issues wonderfully through the concept of immediacy..." - Hershey S. Bell, MD, MS, FAAFP, Professor, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean LECOM School of Pharmacy

Topics Covered

Teachers with immediacy skills are more effective mentors and better able to personalize learning. By viewing How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning? you will understand the connection between these skills and student perceptions of viewers’ abilities.

When you buy this video, you will:

  • Learn appropriate ways to establish accessibility to your students
  • Study nonverbal skills and techniques to ignite student engagement and learning
  • See how to practice immediacy in both face-to-face and online communication
  • Find ways to "ease" into the practice of immediacy to suit your circumstances
  • See how to boost student perceptions of your credibility, even when you say or do something that your students don't like

In a well-rounded presentation, Dr. Waldeck will present appropriate ways to integrate immediacy skills to fit almost any situation, from large lectures through office hours and online interactions. Purchase your video now.


Viewers will also walk away with checklists, dos and don'ts, discussion questions and guides, and recommended resources.


Educators who are new to this subject or who possess an intermediate-level understanding will benefit most.


Maximize student motivation, improve the learning outcomes of your students, and attain stronger evaluations from your students and supervisors when you purchase your video now.

Discover how to leverage the power of immediacy skills to impart your knowledge in a more fulfilling way and open new channels for students to learn. Purchase your video now.

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