What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction?

What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction?


You donít have to subscribe to the Socratic method to appreciate the value of a question in higher education.

We ask them in assignments. We ask them on exams. We ask them during class.

Everyone does it. Not everyone does it well. At least not all the time.

Yet we also know that when you ask better questions, you get better answers.

And thereís the rub. To ask better questions in the first place, we have to know what kinds of questions to ask and when to ask them.

Once you figure that out, youíll notice something else thatís pretty fascinating. When you ask better questions of your students, your students will start to ask better questions of you.

Changing how you use questions requires a few simple tweaks to your approach and not a major overhaul of your teaching methods.

You can learn the subtle things you can do to make your questions more powerful and your classroom interactions with students more fruitful in What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction?

Learning Goals

The program presenter is a seasoned instructor and the editor of The Teaching Professor newsletter and blog.

She has studied the research and tested it with her own students to determine how to ask the kinds of questions that get students talking in ways that advance their learning.

In this 20-minute video, she will share her insights and strategies that you can start using right away.

When you are finished with this program, you will know:

  • How to carefully prepare questions and plan when and how to ask them
  • How to use open questions that allow students to connect with the course content in ways that are meaningful to them
  • How to ask questions even when you donít know the answer
  • How to employ pauses to generate better answers
  • How to time requests for student questions to get more thoughtful queries

Topics Covered

In this quick, hard-hitting video you will learn how to use questions to stimulate intellectual curiosity and promote learning.

You will quickly discern the difference between questions that generate answers and questions that promote discussions, and youíll start to understand when to use each.

When youíre done, you will be ready to ask questions that challenge assumptions, present new possibilities, and serve as a catalyst for action and change.

What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction? presents tangible solutions that have worked for other instructors and that can work for you.


Questions are powerful, valuable tools that can take learning to new heights.

When you ask better questions, you get better responses Ė and better questions Ė from your students.

That leads to more engaging discussions and higher levels of learning.

What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction? Itís not a secret. You can find out and start asking them in just 20 minutes.

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