Copyright Crash Course: How Can I Stay on the Right Side of the Law?

Copyright Crash Course: How Can I Stay on the Right Side of the Law?


As more instructors move away from creating course content and into curating content through works created by others, it’s important to be aware of how to ethically, legally, and responsibly handle copyrighted works.

Copyright law can be a complex and confusing area. Different rules apply to different types of content, so when designing courses, teachers must have a grasp on the legal limits for copyrighted content and intellectual property.

Make sure you’re staying on the right side of the law!

Purchase the Copyright Crash Course: How Can I Stay on the Right Side of the Law? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Tom Tobin, PhD, and receive a simple yet deep understanding of how to work ethically with materials created by others, so that you are compliant with copyright laws.


Keeping in good standing when it comes to copyright and permissions is an essential part of creating a successful course or program.

By improving the process for finding and curating content for courses, you’re able to teach more confidently, students are more successful, and universities are compliant with copyright law.

This program provides the core principles of copyright law, so you’re better able to choose the right materials for your classes as well as be legally compliant when using these materials.

Learning Goals

After this 20-Minute Mentor, you’ll be able to:

  • Define and apply core principles of fair use/fair dealing
  • Apply heuristics to define fair use of copyrighted content
  • Implement alternative means of providing access to copyrighted content
  • Determine when copyright applies and does not apply for various online-design scenarios
  • Design interactions for online courses that respect copyright licenses and permission agreements

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes, this introductory program offers use-them-tomorrow lessons to keep educators in the United States and Canada on the “good side” of copyright law. Topics covered include:

  • Fair use
  • The types of works protected and not protected by copyright
  • Licensing and permissions
  • Hyperlinking and embedding


This program is created for higher education professionals in the United States and Canada. Individuals who will find the information particularly useful include:

  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Faculty developers
  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Instructional designers
  • Technology specialists
  • Web developers


This 20-Minute Mentor not only teaches the core concepts of copyright law, but it’s also useful in a train-the-trainer sense—it is designed to give you the ideas and tools you need to be able to be a “copyright ninja” in an academic environment. Purchase today and receive guidance on making the best possible ethical decisions while curating class content.


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