How Can I Effectively Review Online Courses and Programs for Quality?

How Can I Effectively Review Online Courses and Programs for Quality?


Many institutions conduct reviews for the online courses their faculty develop, and as the number of online offerings increases, so does the need for implementing effective quality review procedures.

Though administering program- and even institution-wide quality reviews for online education is becoming a relatively commonplace practice, there are numerous options available for conducting these reviews and choosing the best one for your institution isnít always simple.

Purchase the How Can I Effectively Review Online Courses and Programs for Quality? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Brian Udermann, PhD. Youíll be walked through the various options available for quality reviews, the reasons why more institutions are conducting these reviews, and how they are successfully coordinating them.

Learning Goals

At many institutions, conducting quality reviews of online education offerings is a requirement. The reasons vary, but properly conducted reviews provide constructive feedback to faculty before the start of a course and help elevate the course quality.

During this program, youíll learn:

  • Why quality reviews are becoming a common practice in more and more institutions
  • How quality reviews can help enhance the effectiveness of your institutionís online offerings
  • The various methods available for conducting successful reviews
  • Ways to provide effective feedback to instructors before the start of an online course

Topics Covered

In an easy-to-understand format, online education expert Brian Udermann, PhD, will walk you through methods for implementing effective quality reviews for your online course offerings.

Topics covered include:

  • Subscription quality review services (e.g., Quality Matters)
  • Publicly available quality review rubrics
  • Instructions for creating your own quality review rubric at your institution
  • How to provide constructive feedback to faculty during the review process


This 20-Minute Mentor is intended for college administrators seeking ways to create quality online education programs and courses that lead to both faculty and student success.

During the program, youíll learn the reasons for conducting quality reviews for online education offerings, why more and more institutions are administering them, and the various options for employing them.


The quality review of online courses not only helps ensure that your programs are up to par with course content expectations, it also reflects well on your institution.

Purchase this program today to learn how other institutions conduct quality reviews and discover which methods might work best at your university.

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