How Can I Bring Pop to My Classroom with Pop Culture?

How Can I Bring Pop to My Classroom with Pop Culture?


There’s no denying the impact that the digital age has had on the influence of pop culture. Whether it’s the newest hot pop record or the latest viral video, younger generations are becoming more and more consumed by the pop culture landscape.

To keep pace with these shifts in interest, the way foundational content is taught must evolve. One way to structure courses in an accessible and engaging way is to meet students where their interests lie by bringing pop culture into the classroom.

Purchase the How Can I Bring Pop to My Classroom with Pop Culture? 20-Minute Mentor program and learn how you can start using elements of pop culture to create an environment where students are more engaged, better prepared, and ultimately more enthusiastic about your course content.


This timely presentation, taught by Katherine Jones, offers concrete strategies for applying pop culture to your course content. It will help you create a positive and unique classroom environment in which students are more connected to not only what they’re learning, but also to you.

Students who forge these connections and are met where their interests lie are more likely to meet and exceed expectations and are better able to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Included in the supplementary materials is a brainstorming worksheet that will help you conceptualize your ideas and make progress as you incorporate pop culture references into your course content.

Learning Goals

After this presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify student interests at the start of a course
  • Use those interests to make learning more engaging and personalized
  • Learn more about students’ pop culture interests
  • Start brainstorming for changes in the classroom

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes, this presentation covers a variety of ways to add pop culture elements to your course, including:

  • Video game logic and how it relates to course design
  • Assessing student interests
  • Pop culture as a framework for content
  • Making course content more relatable, memorable, and easier to understand
  • Tips for determining how to use pop culture to support learning goals


As the academic landscape evolves, the influence of pop culture is sure to become stronger. This 20-Minute Mentor offers classroom-tested advice for faculty looking for ways to better engage students, as well as faculty who have thought about implementing elements of pop culture into their classroom, but perhaps weren’t quite sure where to start.


This 20-Minute Mentor provides new strategies for increasing student engagement and enthusiasm with course content. Register today and receive fresh insight into how you can use pop culture to create a classroom environment that aligns with your students’ interests.

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