How Can I Create an Effective Syllabus for My Online Class?

How Can I Create an Effective Syllabus for My Online Class?

In any course, the syllabus is the starting point and outlines the details of course. In the online environment, though, there are multiple factors that can be served with a more comprehensive syllabus. Online students are challenged with feeling connected to the teacher and classmates, knowing what they need to do and when to do it, and understanding how to navigate an online course which might include more reading and more written responses than they are used to in a face-to-face class. Additionally, online students often represent a different demographic than face-to-face students: they are varied in age, experience and confidence; they choose their own class time; they face potential disruptions such as from work and family; they live in different time zones from the instructor and their classmates. The syllabus can not only help a student navigate the course content, but it also can become a substitute for first-day-of-class conversations, detail major assignments, and explain online-specific requirements such as technology required, netiquette, or recycled writing policies. Learn how to make an effective syllabus for online courses that will help you create a smoothly running class.

Purchase the How Can I Create an Effective Syllabus for My Online Class? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Wren Mills, PhD. Learn detailed information about all elements of a syllabus and leave with an outline for creating your own for any online course.


After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the term “syllabus”
  • Identify considerations for online classes that may not exist for face-to-face classes
  • Discuss policies and elements to include or consider including
  • Develop a syllabus with policies that you are comfortable with
  • List what you need to adjust or develop from your current syllabus to make it compatible with the online environment


  • Define a syllabus and discuss its function in a face-to-face and online classroom
  • Identify and explain the main components of a syllabus, with examples for each
  • Tips for creating an effective syllabus for an online class


This program will benefit:

  • Online Teaching
  • Teachers
  • Faculty Developers
  • Instructional Designers

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