How Can I Evaluate Online Teaching If I Haven't Taught Online?

How Can I Evaluate Online Teaching If I Haven't Taught Online?

How to assess and improve online teaching practices

Since the emergence of online education, researchers have proposed a variety of instructional best practices specific to the online classroom. While existing research provides useful guidelines, creating concrete, measurable instructional behaviors from these theoretical strategies can be challenging.

Even if you haven't taught online yourself, as an administrator you must possess the ability to identify, support, and measure online teaching activities that foster high-quality online education.

That is the subject behind How Can I Evaluate Online Teaching If I Haven't Taught Online?


Drawing on more than 20 years of online teaching experience, the presenter explores the behaviors most relevant for teachers who want to sharpen their performance in a virtual classroom.

You'll learn the difference between the design elements of a course and the instructional interactions done in the online classroom that count as teaching practices. The video will help you identify the five key online teaching behaviors from your Learning Management System.

Program mentor will show you how to measure and assess these teaching practices, with plenty of practical examples.

In only 20 minutes, you'll see how to identify and evaluate teaching behaviors in online courses. Through this friendly and supportive presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • Acquire objective criteria to evaluate online teaching
  • Differentiate course design from teaching practices
  • Get administrators and faculty to agree on which teaching practices will be evaluated
  • Use students' responses as an efficient, accurate measure of quality

Topics Covered

How often should a teacher respond to students' comments? What are the most effective ways to interact with an online class?

This 20-minute video provides answers to these and many other realistic scenarios that repeatedly come up in online teaching.

After viewing this presentation, viewers will be able to:

  • Identify online teaching behaviors
  • Differentiate measurable levels of quality in two sample online courses
  • Apply evaluation criteria using a rubric
  • Determine formative and summative uses for evaluation results
  • Avoid the six biases that affect online teaching evaluation
  • Evaluate teaching behaviors separately from content, materials, and design

In How Can I Evaluate Online Teaching If I Haven't Taught Online? you'll learn how to clearly define what online teaching is and isn't—and how to perform at your best.


Along with the video presentation, the presenter will also supply sample documents, rubrics, and a list of recommended resources to reinforce and deepen the strategies discussed.


Educators with an intermediate level of understanding of this topic will benefit most after participating in this thorough program.


In only 20 minutes, you'll acquire the confidence to evaluate almost any kind of online teaching performance—and most importantly, discover how to make the changes to help you grow as an online instructor.

Make a greater impact in your online courses when you know how to improve pertinent teaching behaviors. Buy this video now.

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