How Can I Guide Online Learning By Engaging with Students?

How Can I Guide Online Learning By Engaging with Students?

Despite the efforts of excellent online instructors, there’s still a widespread misperception among faculty that online classes are like slow cookers: set and forget. However, neglecting interaction with online students eliminates the best chance of actually teaching them online, of guiding their learning, and helping them make new meaning. Gain practical approaches for engaging with online students, fostering connections between students, and for students to better relate to your content. Let your students know they’re on track to succeed!



After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss why actively guiding online students can help them engage with class content, learn better, and be more successful
  • Identify design strategies that are "baked-in" to the class design to guide student understanding
  • Examine teaching strategies to apply while class is in session to help students learn and succeed



Five practical strategies to use in an online class to more actively guide students' learning:

  • Release content strategically
  • Break down complex tasks
  • Note and respond to cues that signal confusion
  • Interact with students in discussion forums
  • Provide discussion highlights for each module



This program will benefit:

  • Faculty who are teaching online


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