How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Days?

How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Days?

Deepen the Learning Experience When You Add UDL to
Your Courses

Educators have found success in applying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in their classrooms. Student accomplishment, persistence, and satisfaction have increased. Schools retain more students.

Itís only natural that teachers want their courses to have a lasting impactóto extend their accessibility outside of campus and the learning management system.

Finding realistic solutions that address this concern is the subject of this presentation - How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Days?


Adding UDL strategies can keep your course fresh and relevant throughout the year, spurring student retention, persistence, and satisfaction.

In just 20 minutes,the presenter will show you how to:

  • Show students where they are in the progression of course topics and work
  • Identify and correct where learners find gaps or are confused about whatís next
  • Help students stay on track with checklists and instruction sheets
  • Give learners different ways to communicate with each other and the instructors
  • Get students involved in the learning by asking questions and posing challenges that have more than one type of response
  • Assist with learner self-regulation that gives them signposts along the way

Learning Goals

After participating in this video you will learn and understand the ways to add elements of UDL to an entire course that can deepen the learning experience for all students.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Map two paths in your own courses for applying UDL principles
  • Show learners how to interact with materials, each other, and the instructor
  • Help time-pressed students find more time to study
  • Find the media file anchor points to help learners move through interactions in the course
  • Help students sustain their efforts and self-regulate

Topics Covered

Giving your students options that help them overcome learning obstacles and keep them engaged with coursework will be covered in How Can I Implement UDL in 20 Days?

Youíll see four effective UDL strategies that go beyond legal compliance requirements. In a direct but genial presentation, the presenter will show an economical, effective way to build on these UDL strategies for a substantial rollout at your school.

Your course material will come alive for students through a series of video, audio, and text strategies explored in this program. Youíll see how to engage, deepen, and sustain their interest through key assignments and presentations.

The program mentor backs up his strategies with examples from course material to give you a concrete understanding of how they can work in your own classroom. Youíll learn different assessment methods to keep you and your students on track as well as how to make adjustments that donít waste course time.


As such, this timely video is appropriate for both educators and administrators at all levels, including media services staff, instructional designers, faculty-support staff, department chairs, deans, and senior campus leaders.


In only 20 minutes, youíll have the tools and a 20-day plan to customize a learning experience for all kinds of students that will last throughout the course and beyond the classroom.

Find out how to extend the benefits of UDL throughout the semester and beyond with this revealing video. Buy your program now.

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