How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Months?

How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Months?

Make UDL Strategies Part of a Campus-Wide Culture

Integrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles one classroom at a time can certainly benefit individual groups of students. But what about making UDL effective campus-wide? Using students’ actual academic performance and learning preferences to customize courses for them throughout your school?

In this short program, you’ll find out how to collect and interpret relevant data about your learners to help you incorporate UDL concepts throughout your campus—economically, efficiently, and expertly.


How Can I Implement UDL in 20 Months? equips you with solutions and guidelines for adopting and executing UDL practices over the long term. In just 20 minutes, you will:

  • Get guidance on how adopting UDL across campus will strengthen your school’s programs
  • See how to work with designers to make content to keep learners motivated and on track
  • Discover how to provide choices for learners on how they want to experience interactions
  • Expand the types of interactions that get used most
  • Help your colleagues roll out an effective campus-wide UDL program

The presenter outlines three long-term UDL strategies that practically any school can adopt to create customized learning experiences for students.

You’ll discover specific places where students benefit the most from UDL principles. You’ll see how to provide learners with full alternative paths through your courses—and how to execute this in about 20 months.

Learning Goals

In this engaging, conversational 20-minute video, the presenter explains how to zero in on key data to help you design an effective UDL program for your particular campus. You’ll also get practical examples with concrete details on how to make a UDL program part of the broader campus culture. After watching this presentation, you will be able to:

  • See how, when, and where learners interact
  • Identify tools learners need to use, either in the learning management system, third party, or face to face
  • Collect open-ended data from learners at regular intervals and perform exit interviews for drops and withdrawals
  • Expand the types of interactions that get used most
  • Map and build one full alternative path of interactions

Adding UDL principles at all academic levels can boost students’ satisfaction with their teachers, their school, and their achievements. You’ll help learners persevere and stick with the coursework, and you’ll retain more students.

Topics Covered

Giving your students options that help them overcome learning obstacles and keep them engaged with coursework will be covered in How Can I Implement UDL in 20 Months? The program mentor will show you how to:

  • Map two paths in your own courses for applying UDL principles
  • Show learners how to interact with materials, each other, and the instructor
  • Help time-pressed students find more time to study
  • Find the media file anchor points to help learners move through interactions in the course
  • Help students sustain their efforts and self-regulate

The presenter backs up his strategies with examples from course material to give you a concrete understanding of how they can work in your own classroom. You’ll learn different assessment methods to keep you and your students on track as well as how to make adjustments that don’t waste course time.


This program is designed to help school administrators, members of the support staff, campus leaders, or educators, who are keen in acquiring the knowledge and strategies for incorporating UDL concepts throughout their campus to boost student retention and achievement.


Learn how to change the direction of your school and come up with flexible UDL programs that make learning more customized—and retain more students—in only 20 minutes. Buy your video now.

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