How Can I Inspire Creative Confidence in the Classroom?

How Can I Inspire Creative Confidence in the Classroom?


Business leaders and experts consistently identify creativity as one of the most important skills for 21st-century success, and faculty and administrators throughout higher education are taking notice.

This interest goes beyond traditionally creative subjects, like art and music, to include STEM subjects and more.

Creativity is a skill, not a gift, and it can be honed and polished. Campuses everywhere are currently finding ways to incorporate creativity into their process skills teaching.

How Can I Inspire Creative Confidence in the Classroom? will show you a step-by-step method for cultivating your students’ creativity in any subject area while deepening their engagement with course content and strengthening their presentation skills. You’ll learn how to use 21st-century approaches and techniques, like transactive thinking and creativity tools, to help your students imagine, innovate, and implement.


Encouraging students to believe in their ability to innovate sets them up for success in school and life. As students strengthen their ability to reframe questions, adapt to uncertainty, and work with information in transformative ways, they learn skills they’ll use throughout their careers.

This presentation will show you how to:

  • Encourage students to become active researchers
  • Use visual tools to make student learning “sticky”
  • Guide students from simple to complex creative projects
  • Activate students’ innate interest in creating
  • Support active learning and strengthen student engagement with high-tech tools

Demonstrations of applications such as AutoDraw, Canva, Pixlr, and ThingLink will help you envision how to use them in your courses. The step-by-step approach you’ll learn in this presentation will help you take students from casual drawing to developing a multimedia presentation—and give them confidence for future creative projects.

Learning Goals

After watching this presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe multiple applications that support students’ creativity
  • Design leaning activities that build students’ confidence in their creativity, and deepen their engagement with course content
  • Combine learning activities in a sequence that shows students their ability to tackle creative projects
  • Explain why creativity is an important skill for college students

Topics Covered

This presentation addresses the topic of creativity as an essential skill for success in school and life and demonstrates the different ways in which 21st-century creativity tools support student learning. It explores the ideas of transactive learning and fluid and flexible intelligence. It also discusses the difference between cheating and researching, creating, and curating. It then combines all these concepts and shows how you can use them to build students’ confidence in their creativity.


Creativity is an essential skill for college students today, and you can help your students succeed in school and life by teaching it. This session will be particularly helpful if you’re not all that comfortable with the thought of teaching creativity, even if you practice it yourself in your research and other work. The presentation’s brass-tacks approach and straightforward sequence of learning activities will help you teach this valuable skill regardless of your background and level of experience.


Trend watchers, employers, and top executives all agree that creativity is a determining factor in achievement of all kinds. Order this presentation today and help give your students what they need to succeed.


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