How Can I Move My Teaching Forward at Midcareer?

How Can I Move My Teaching Forward at Midcareer?


One of the most challenging problems for teachers is maintaining their instructional vitality as they enter the middle of their careers. This is a prime time for growth and maturation, but educators often find themselves going through the motions of teaching instead of being emotionally and mentally present. Support from their own institutions may also be lacking.

How Can I Move My Teaching Forward at Midcareer? addresses this problem with candor and humor and provides sensible steps for injecting new energy into teaching at this vital juncture.


With an informed and insightful presenter leading the discussion, How Can I Move My Teaching Forward at Midcareer? presents an honest and sympathetic exploration of the topics swirling around this challenge.

You will see how to:

  • Define and understand what it means to be present in your teaching
  • Forge connections with students, content, and teaching itself to achieve presence
  • Distinguish between teaching and performing
  • Nurture and maintain the energy to teach with purpose
  • Transform sameness into something positive and productive

You’ll come away with a greater awareness of both the subtle and obvious ways of not being in the moment and discover steps for addressing them. By the end of the presentation, you’ll be infused with the passion and ideas to make these changes right away.


Teachers will learn how to keep themselves present—when they go to class tomorrow and for the balance of their careers—by following the presenter’s down-to-earth diagnosis of the problem and prescription for solutions.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Embrace new teaching experiences to prevent the loss of presence
  • Know when you are and are not present and the frequency of each
  • Mix up your teaching methods to add freshness and spontaneity
  • Find key ideas in the relevant pedagogical literature
  • Carefully select a colleague to collaborate with
  • Keep your energy level high through different means before you enter the classroom


This presentation guides and encourages you to make changes that will serve you tomorrow and for years to come.

You’ll see how to draw students into the learning process. You’ll see the ease of making incremental but purposeful changes that can be even more effective than global changes.

You’ll hear actual examples from other teachers of how they approach being present in the classroom and how you can adopt those same techniques immediately.


Keeping your focus sharp and having a present mind-set is a challenge that every teacher will face sooner or later. This video can make that challenge easier to cope with, especially for:

  • Full- and part-time midcareer faculty in any undergraduate course
  • Department heads who need to supervise both teacher and student progress
  • Faculty at both two- and four-year institutions
  • Faculty at both public and private institutions


Igniting your teaching at midcareer with new energy and new experiences will refresh your love for teaching and make for an all-around engaging classroom experience. Get the roadmap for reaching this destination when you order your video today!

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