How Can I Repurpose My Content into Videos That Get Viewed (and Shared)?

How Can I Repurpose My Content into Videos That Get Viewed (and Shared)?

What instructors do, matters. And what instructors know, others want to know. With video, teachers have the power to share experiences and knowledge in a way that reaches far beyond the classroom.

Traditionally, video in classrooms or online classes was recorded lectures. Later, it morphed into searchable lectures or dividing lectures into chunks. But now itís time to start thinking about video differently.

What bigger picture problems and challenges can you help solve that will reach a wider audience? How can you use existing content and knowledge to make more of a far-reaching impact through video?

Purchase the How Can I Repurpose My Content in Videos that Get Viewed (and Shared)? 20-Minute Mentor, presented by Jill Schiefelbein. Youíll learn simple strategies for repurposing existing content to create videos that engage and attract a larger audience.


During this program, youíll learn:

  • How to make a video that reaches beyond microlecture and online classroom use
  • Ways to examine your teaching, research, and projects to assemble video content
  • How answering common questions can create viral content


  • Using video to engage students and attract a broader audience
  • Techniques for translating academic knowledge onto video
  • Video virality, and how educational content can get syndicated and shared in mass ways


Anyone who is interested in understanding the various ways to divide content and reconceptualize how content is presented on video, and how it differs from presenting in the classroom and online lectures will benefit from this program.

Faculty, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, instructors, teaching assistants, researchers, department heads, and directors of academic and research institutes will find the information in this program particularly useful.


Often teachers and researchers work tirelessly to make an impact through video, but its reach is typically limited to the classroom or institution. In the information age, knowledge is power. This program provides proven methods for creating impactful video content that gets viewed and shared by a broader audience. Purchase today!

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