How Can I Spark Conversation in the Classroom?

How Can I Spark Conversation in the Classroom?

Student engagement – especially in conversation and peer interaction – can be a big challenge for college educators. This program introduces four tried-and-true techniques to create a learning environment that is literally buzzing with student conversation. These activities can be translated into diverse classroom settings, regardless of course topic. The suggested methods will not only spur conversation in the moment but will also transform the classroom dynamic to encourage more active participation from the student group. Ultimately, they are tools to motivate teachers and students to strive toward an ever-more active learning environment.



After viewing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain four techniques to generate student conversation and engagement
  • Recognize how these methods could work in their classroom
  • Implement one or more of these methods in their teaching



The methods described and enacted during this program are:

  • Eagle Eyes for Detail—a partner activity that challenges descriptive language and listening skills
  • Carousel Presentation—a method for building presentation skills through rapid repetition
  • Fili-busting the Silence—an activity to force quick, impromptu presentations and build fluency on a topic
  • Taboo—a game that requires circumlocution because obvious descriptors are not allowed



This program will benefit:

  • Faculty
  • Instructional designers
  • Faculty developers


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