How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson?

How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson?


Thereís more to the flip than just telling students to complete the work before class and then turning them loose when they arrive in the classroom.

Chaos will emerge. Students will get frustrated. You will get overwhelmed. Learning will not happen.

Itís a simple lesson: if you want to flip to good effect, you have to have a strategy.

Only thatís the hard part, right? Everyone has heard about the benefits of student-centered learning and how flipping is a perfect example of that pedagogical approach.

Lots of us want to try it, but we just donít know how to flip our courses in a controlled, effective way.

Fortunately, you donít have to figure out flipping all on your own.

Instead, you can adopt a classroom-tested, four-part flipping structure that works across disciplines, and you can find it in How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson?

Learning Goals

When you are finished with this program, you will:

  • Be able to explain how flipping is grounded in active learning
  • Know how to divide a flipped lesson into four parts to maintain a dynamic learning experience but also to add structure and control to the learning environment
  • Be able to integrate all the components of flipped classrooms to create a successful learning environment for your students
  • Have a tool to organize your flipped lesson that can be replicated in future classes

Topics Covered

How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson? doesnít stop at showing you how to divide a lesson into four parts.

You also will learn how to organize the lesson to ensure that pre-class work and in-class activities align, and youíll discover how to integrate flipped lessons into the overall course for a seamless learning experience for your students.

This is a great video for anyone ready to flip for the first time or for instructors who love to flip and need some fresh ideas and some strategies to tighten the structure of their lessons and courses overall.


Relieve some of your fears and concerns by using this four-part lesson plan model to organize your flipped classroom and ensure that youíre connecting the pre-class work to the flipped learning experience.

Itís an effective and versatile approach that you can easily replicate and adapt to any discipline. Place your order today.

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