How Do I Create an Online Education Policy and Procedures Manual?

How Do I Create an Online Education Policy and Procedures Manual?

Take Confusion Out of Online Courses with Official

The growth of online courses and degree programs has raised both pedagogical and administrative challenges. To address them efficiently, it is not uncommon for schools to create their own online education-specific policy and procedures manual.

Still, many schools don’t know how to put one together.


Speaking from personal experience at his own institution, program presenter provides timely advice that will help you avoid mistakes and expertly manage your team. Viewing this video will let you:

  • Impose greater consistency and standardization on campus
  • Keep policies and procedures written down in one place that everyone can refer to
  • Address matters such as compensation, workloads, final exam policies, and enrollment
  • Get colleagues’ input and make revisions in an amicable, constructive way
  • Know how to review and approve the manual through a faculty governance committee
  • See how to use the manuals of other schools to help you design your own

Learning Goals

How Do I Create an Online Education Policy and Procedures Manual? presents a simple, easy-to-follow process that can meet the demands of your institution. After viewing this enlightening video, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and articulate the benefits of a policy manual for online education
  • Select the school personnel on campus who are best suited to creating the manual
  • Identify the questions, issues, and items that should be covered
  • Devise a clear, efficient process for setting project goals and deadlines
  • Discover the techniques for getting the support and participation of both administrators and faculty
  • Learn how to get the manual reviewed and approved

In only 20 minutes, you’ll learn key steps for developing a policy and procedures manual that supports your online education and keeps your school current, nimble, and attractive to students.

Topics Covered

In this candid, cordial presentation, the presenter shows how a policy and procedures manual can decrease confusion among faculty and administrators and support the educational mission of any institution.

You’ll learn how to choose the correct stakeholders at your school and gain their cooperation. You’ll see how to request their feedback and make thoughtful improvements and revisions.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll see how to win final approval for the work and how to use the manual as an effective communications tool among faculty, administrators, and support staff.


This program will help school administration know how to put together a manual in an efficient and informed way. With this one policy and procedures manual, you'll help your school run and fine-tune an online education program that will attract students and their tuition dollars.


As online education spreads, questions surrounding the teaching and administration of courses and degree programs will surge. An agreed-upon, practical document that serves your school’s specific issues will be invaluable. Get the answers for creating your own when you buy this video.

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