How Does Grit Team with a Growth Mindset to Cultivate Lifelong Learning?

How Does Grit Team with a Growth Mindset to Cultivate Lifelong Learning?

Transform your studentsí aptitude for learning

Students who put more effort into their coursework almost always see better results. More importantly, this effort equates to a growth mindset that nurtures lifelong learning. Other students exhibit a fixed mindset, concentrating on short-term measurements like grades, without developing their natural talents to the fullest.

With a combination of strategies, teachers can transform studentsí fixed mindsets, boost their confidence in their abilities, help them overcome setbacks in their education, and strengthen their persistence to learn.


Directing students to make the leap from a mindset focused on short-term achievements to a growth mindset to make them lifelong learners is a challenging but ultimately rewarding task. After watching this video, you will:

  • Be equipped with easy-to-implement ideas that can work in practically any classroom
  • Identify studentsí existing knowledge and what they still need to learn
  • Discover how praise can help or hinder student achievement
  • Focus on the effort and the legitimacy of a studentís attempts, not abilities

Learning Goals

After participating in , How Does Grit Team with a Growth Mindset to Cultivate Lifelong Learning?, you will:

  • Grasp the concepts of grit, tenacity, perseverance, and persistence, including presenters' three-part strategy for teaching grit.
  • Discover both instructional and classroom strategies that promote a growth mindset.
  • See how to get students to want to learn and how to draw students into the dynamics of the class and use their feedback to ignite their interest.

Topics Covered

Helping students persevere in their studies and think of learning as a long-term pursuit that lasts a lifetime requires a new teaching style. Youíll find actionable ideas that support these efforts in How Does Grit Team with a Growth Mindset to Cultivate Lifelong Learning?

After acquiring a clear understanding of key concepts from this program, viewers who watch this video will be able to:

  • Develop goal-directed options that show students how to work smart, not hard
  • Show students how to see mistakes as opportunities, not failures
  • Instill confidence in students and strengthen their persistence
  • Align objectives and strategies in a consistent manner
  • Identify tasks and assignments that are appropriate to the challenge
  • Connect expectations to concrete outcomes

Gearing studentsí mindsets for growth and infusing them with the driving forces of grit, tenacity, perseverance, and persistence can give them new-found confidence to work problems through, believe in themselves, and continue their quest for knowledge.


This program is designed to help teachers, faculty, and educators who want to help their students become more gritty, growth-minded learners.

Teaching students how to learn is just as important as what you teach them. With the strategies and actionable ideas in this 20-minute presentation, you will see the transformational nature of grit and persistence to keep students learning long after they graduate.

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