How Does My Department Become More Strategic with Online Programming?

How Does My Department Become More Strategic with Online Programming?

Boost the Long-Term Success of Your Online

Projections indicate that online courses will be a high-growth area for colleges and universities over the next few years.

As schools try to meet this surge, a new set of questions and challenges will emerge. Much is on the line for teachers and administrators; the choices made will have a sizable impact on future enrollment, tuition dollars, and school rankings.


Making your online programming more strategic can help ensure your school’s survival and growth. This 20-Minute program will give you the key steps for building on the strengths of your institution and opening up new areas of student education.

By viewing this timely presentation, you will see how to:

  • Increase your online offerings with popular transfer courses
  • Look internally at high-demand courses and offer more sections online
  • Gain input from students and faculty
  • Turn high-enrollment/highly successful in-person programs into online offerings

Learning Goals

The program presenter presents actionable ideas for being more strategic with your school’s online programming. After viewing this video, you will be able to:

  • Objectively analyze and assess your school’s current online programming
  • Map out a strategy for considering new courses
  • Identify the right stakeholders to make the programming work
  • See how to collect and use data to guide and inform planning
  • Allocate the necessary support to ensure progress in the online program

In only 20 minutes, you’ll learn how to make efficient use of your institutional resources and set up an infrastructure to support student achievement.

Topics Covered

Guiding schools to develop more appealing online offerings and use their resources efficiently is the subject of How Does My Department Become More Strategic with Online Programming? This 20-minute video will provide you with a realistic, budget-friendly action plan that you can put into effect almost immediately.

The video explains why even institutions with limited resources are investing in online programming. You’ll learn the importance of evaluating what has motivated online course and program development in the past to guide your decisions today. You’ll discover who should be involved in the process of fine-tuning your online programming.

You’ll walk away with practical tips and recommendations for making your programming more responsive to the needs of your students and your institution.

The presenter will advise you on how to gain the confidence and feedback of faculty, students, and administrators during your planning and implementation phases. You’ll discover practical ways to transform your existing online programming into a more vibrant growth area at your school.


This video, How Does My Department Become More Strategic with Online Programming?, addresses the unique needs and concerns of different segments of your campus population when it comes to online programming, and it gives you the answers that earn their respect and support. Buy your video now.

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