Monday Morning Mentor

Monday Morning Mentor


The Monday Morning Mentor series delivers one of our popular 20-Minute Mentor programs once a week for 16 weeks in the fall, 16 weeks in the spring.

Week in and week out, these programs, presented by respected academic peers, cover timely and relevant topics in only 20 minutes—long enough to provide actionable insights, but short enough to fit anyone’s schedule.

Monday Morning Mentor

Monday Morning Mentor packs an impressive amount of practical information into a fast, focused format that covers traditional & online teaching as well as administrative issues. Each video is brief enough to fit busy schedules, but long enough to deliver valuable, actionable content. In only 20 minutes, a critical topic that affects the higher education landscape is effectively and efficiently covered, leaving you with actionable insights and information to take back to your campus.

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  • Each program becomes available online every Monday for 32 weeks
  • The administrator of the series receives weekly emails highlighting the week’s program and suggesting how to promote usage by staff
  • Connection instructions can then be shared with faculty and staff across campus
  • Programs are available for on-demand viewing for a full week, making it easy for faculty to view programs where and when it’s convenient for them

Programs can be watched individually or as a group.

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The Monday Morning Mentor series will cover timely and relevant topics in quick-hitting, hardworking 20-minute programs delivered by highly respected peer experts. You can expect to see programs on the following:

  • Assessment and learning goals
  • Classroom management
  • Legal concerns
  • Physical, mental, and emotional concerns
  • Service learning
  • Student engagement
  • Teaching and learning
  • Teaching online


We provide the content plus:

  • Delivery
  • Supplemental materials
  • PowerPoint handouts
  • Transcript
  • Reminders (three days before the program and the day each one airs)
  • Promotional materials


On a weekly basis, you’ll get quality and convenient answers to common classroom questions. Start every week with dynamic professional development programming for faculty and staff.

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