Monday Morning Mentor

Monday Morning Mentor


Practical, convenient, and affordable right online.

Monday Morning Mentor delivers one of our popular Magna 20-Minute Mentor online programs – 16 in the fall, 16 in the spring.

The Monday Morning Mentor is available in four program collections.

Monday Morning Mentor

Traditional Collection

The Monday Morning Mentor traditional collection packs an impressive amount of practical information into a fast, focused format that covers traditional & online teaching as well as administrative issues. Each video is brief enough to fit busy schedules, but long enough to deliver valuable, actionable content.

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Monday Morning Mentor

New Teachers Collection

You enter the classroom as a subject-matter expert—but not necessarily as a teaching expert. You face the daunting prospect of quickly getting up to speed on teaching’s myriad responsibilities.

To compound the challenge, formal training is often scarce or spotty at best.

What are you to do, then, to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for classroom success?

This collection of 20-Minute Mentors provides a wealth of both research-driven and classroom-tested best practices to help you develop the knowledge and skills required to run a successful classroom.

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Monday Morning Mentor

Online Teaching Collection

Whether you’re preparing to teach your first online course or seeking to upgrade your current offerings, the Monday Morning Mentor Online Teaching Collection is the go-to resource you’ve been looking for.

Good teaching is good teaching, but the key indicators and most effective techniques change when you shift to an online environment. This collection will give you insights you can implement immediately to improve online course design and promote student engagement. You’ll learn how to connect with students, enhance student learning, and address common problems in distance education.

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Monday Morning Mentor

Academic Leaders Collection

The demands made on leaders at academic institutions are possibly greater than they've ever been.

Critical issues come across your desk every day, requiring you to respond.

Whether you head a department, manage an administrative position, or occupy the president's chair, it's up to you to make the tough calls and sometimes blaze a new path for your school.

This compendium of 20-Minute Mentors features some of higher education’s leading voices offering guidance and perspective on academic leadership. You’ll find concise, practical solutions that address almost every issue likely to come before you.

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Each program is available online Monday morning. The administrator receives an email reminder that the program is ready.

It's a great way for faculty to start the week.

  • Connection instructions are emailed to your campus’ administrator
  • Share the instructions for each week’s program with faculty across your campus
  • The program is available for a full week for on-demand viewing
  • Faculty can view it where and when ever is convenient for them

Watch them individually or as a group.  Email an open invitation to anyone with an interest in the week’s topic, or deliver the presentation in a conference room or lecture hall and enjoy it as a group.


The Monday Morning Mentor series will cover timely and relevant topics in quick-hitting, hardworking 20-minute programs delivered by highly respected peer experts. You can expect to see programs on the following:

  • Assessment and learning goals
  • Classroom management
  • Legal concerns
  • Physical, mental, and emotional concerns
  • Service learning
  • Student engagement
  • Teaching and learning
  • Teaching online


We provide the content plus:

  • Delivery
  • Supplemental materials
  • PowerPoint handouts
  • Transcript
  • Reminders (three days before the program and the day each one airs)
  • Promotional materials


Week in and week out, you’ll be get quality and convenient answers to common classroom questions. Start every week with dynamic professional development programming for your faculty and staff.

Don’t miss this chance to get in on a whole new approach to faculty and staff training. Subscribe to the Monday Morning Mentor today!

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