What are Five Tips for Creating Videos that Promote Knowledge and Expand My Reach?

What are Five Tips for Creating Videos that Promote Knowledge and Expand My Reach?

When you think of using video in higher ed, you likely think of videos for online classes, recorded lectures, or microlectures. But if you’re trying to attract grants and research funding, having a visible presence outside of the academy is important—and perfectly attainable!

There are many other ways to use video in higher education. From creating a video series to answering discussion questions, the What Are Five Tips for Creating Videos that Promote Knowledge and Expand My Reach? 20-Minute Mentor, presented by Jill Schiefelbein, will help you approach video in new ways to establish expertise, expand scholarship, and attract grants and funding for research.


During this program, you’ll learn:

  • The role video plays in various aspects of academia
  • Why video as a format is a primary way to communicate content to billions of people searching for information
  • How video drives use and increases reach
  • Five different ways to use video to increase your credibility, exposure, and engagement
  • The different channels for dissemination of video content, and the pros and cons of each


  • Creating video content that establishes and expands your expertise and credibility
  • The fundamental change in how people search for information, how “experts” emerge from all places, and opportunities that exist for these experts
  • How to use video to increase credibility and engagement


Anyone who is interested in learning how to create video that increases exposure will benefit from this program.

Faculty, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, instructors, teaching assistants, researchers, department heads, and directors of academic and research institutes will find the information in this program particularly useful.


Academic knowledge rarely permeates into mainstream society, much less the media. To get publicity, more grant and funding opportunities, and to effectively disseminate knowledge, instructors must understand how video plays a major role. This program discusses five strategies you can use to create videos that reach more people and answer common problems. Purchase today!


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