What Are the Secrets to Making Highly Effective Educational Videos?

What Are the Secrets to Making Highly Effective Educational Videos?


The popularity and proliferation of the video medium is unassailable. Videos’ potential to educate and engage has been proven repeatedly.

Software and camera options abound. Yet while some educators have probably considered creating their own videos, they often fear that they lack the technical know-how to do so.

Making your own videos that support classroom learning (face-to-face or online) is simpler than you think, as demonstrated in What Are the Secrets to Making Highly Effective Educational Videos?, the 20-Minute Mentor from Magna Publications.

In addition to tips on telling a digital story with production and editing software, you’ll see how to use these tools to create and edit your images and audio into coherent, captivating videos that enhance student learning.


In a clear and exciting presentation, your presenter walks you step by step through the process of conceiving, producing, and posting your own educational videos—that doesn’t require you to get in front of the camera.

You’ll get practical, easy-to-implement keys for communicating in the visual medium and tips for finding, selecting, and using images that complement and amplify your narration.

Learning Goals

The presenter identifies video production software that is either free or inexpensive. Follow along as he makes a sample video during the presentation. You’ll see how to add images, edit sound, and upload the video.

In less than 20 minutes, you’ll possess a road map for turning out stimulating videos of your own that will deeply involve your students and powerfully foster your curriculum goals.

Topics Covered

Leveraging the inherent appeal of videos to reach students can infuse new life into classes. In What Are the Secrets to Making Highly Effective Educational Videos?, you’ll acquire the tools and skills for turning out your own videos with ease and enjoyment.

After watching this program, you will be able to:

  • Execute digital storytelling that doesn’t require you to get in front of a camera
  • Focus on one fundamental message that captures students’ interest
  • Use and select imagery that typifies your message
  • Talk and narrate your video in a way that commands attention and interest
  • Upload your video to a server


The tips revealed in this presentation will enable you to produce custom videos using an efficient, easy method—probably much easier than you imagine. Educational videos that you create can be an essential learning and teaching tool that will engage your students.

Watch this video and discover how to:

  • Make transitions, edit images, and adjust the audio track
  • Match images and sounds to maximize the effect of your narration
  • Publish and upload the video to a server for easy student access
  • Use videos with interactive segments to drive student learning
  • Produce videos of the right length for maximum comprehension


Discover all you need to know about creating your own educational videos to complement your lectures. You’ll acquire a new skill set that will become increasingly important in the months and years ahead. You’ll bring a fresh level of excitement to your classes and expand your professional development. Order this presentation today.

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