What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory?

What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory?

Improve learning with five memory-boosting strategies

Memory is a curious thing. You can remember all the words to your high school fight song and all the digits of your very first phone number, but you can forget something you read this morning or the name of someone you’ve met several times.

Yet as capricious as our recollections can be, there are also proven ways to manipulate and develop our ability to remember. When we use those strategies in our teaching, we can help students learn more and perform better on exams.

If you are ready to help your students grasp course material and recall it when in matters, you’re ready for What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory?, a Magna 20-Minute Mentor.

Learning Goals

The presenter of this program shows you how to incorporate cueing, the testing effect, semantic encoding, peer teaching, and the spacing effect into your teaching. Together, these five relatively simple yet powerful techniques will help your students retain more information and show what they know on their assignments, quizzes, and exams.

When you are finished with this program, you will:

  • Know the five powerful learning and memory concepts that can significantly assist student comprehension and retention
  • Have new insight into the rationale behind some common teaching practices
  • Recognize examples of these concepts when they are applied to teaching strategies
  • Learn how to coordinate the use of these concepts into a coherent teaching process
  • Possess a specific plan for implementing these concepts into a teaching module in your discipline

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes you will learn how to identify and implement five proven teaching strategies that help students learn and recall course materials.

The presenter provides concrete tactics to use for each of the concepts so that you can implement what you learn right away in the courses you are teaching right now.

What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory? will give you valuable new ways to maximize student success, and it only takes 20 minutes!


What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory? delivers actionable insights and exercises that are adaptable to any course at any level in any discipline. And the best part is that it just takes 20 minutes. Order today!

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