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Blended and Flipped Course Design: Tried and True Approaches

If you are interested in blended learning methods, especially the flipped classroom, and how they impact student learning, this Magna Online Seminar provides a thorough explanation of these concepts as well as practical advice for getting started.

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What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly identify how blended learning methodologies differ from traditional course design and classroom management
  • Gain introductory knowledge of methods used in blended learning, including the flipped classroom
  • Begin to integrate flipped classroom concepts into new and existing courses in a face-to-face, online, and hybrid delivery
  • Understand how the method of delivery may impact students

Who should attend?

  • Lecturers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Assistant or Associate Professors
  • Faculty
  • Instructional Designers

Why you don’t want to miss this!

In higher education today, the need for blended learning strategies will continue to grow. This Magna Online Seminar will help you facilitate a fast change to engaging students in face-to-face, online, or hybrid classroom using blended learning methodologies. You’ll receive assistance in incorporating tools and resources that promote blended learning methods, including the flipped classroom, into new and existing course designs.

What’s included?

Your seminar registration includes the following:

  • On-demand access
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from the speaker
  • Written transcript
  • Supplemental materials
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

There is no limit to how many times the seminar is accessed while available on-demand.

Additional Detail

This Magna Online Seminar is designed to introduce collegiate instructors to blended learning strategies including the implementation of a flipped classroom. The presenter will provide an overview of blended learning along with the tools to begin integrating these strategies into new and existing courses.

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Whether you are an educator or a leader at your educational institution or organization, Magna has resources for how you want to learn:

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man in suit sitting and thinking on top of books

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