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Creating Critical Thinkers in the Information Age

Learn to be more mindful of how to critically access information. You will gain a toolbox of skills to apply to your own information use as well as that of your students.

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Satire, misinformation, and disinformation have circulated for centuries.

But as rapidly advancing technology provides novice researchers with immediate access to overwhelming amounts of content, students tend to overlook steps of the research process—such as resource evaluation—in favor of instant gratification and confirmation bias.

Today’s students often are not allowed the time to develop the skillset necessary to find and apply relevant, credible resources with minimal frustration. But by adapting critical thinking concepts to the research process, researchers at all levels are better able to determine their research needs and how best to meet them with viable resources.

In addition, by exploring research opportunities as solvable problems, instead of static statements, students can experience higher engagement in the information gathering process and better understand the application of research to their day-to-day academic and professional lives.

Register today for the Magna Online Seminar, Creating Critical Thinkers in the Information Age, presented by Katherine Jones. You’ll explore the overlap between six major tenets of information literacy and critical thinking, and gain the necessary tools for reframing research as a problem-based process through which students can develop advanced information literacy and critical thinking skills.


This program offers proven strategies, such as using problem-based scenarios and approaching research as a puzzle, that you can apply to encourage students to look at research as a problem-based process, think critically about the way they find and apply credible sources, and better understand and engage in the process of gathering and evaluating information. In turn, you’ll help improve students information literacy, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking-in the classroom and beyond.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of problem-based learning in research and how to teach these topics in a classroom setting
  • Apply a toolbox of schemas and concepts to help students quickly find more relevant, credible resources
  • Better assist students in making critical decisions about research and resources, and steer them away from confirmation bias
  • Help students become more successful thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners

Topics Covered

  • Big 6 of Information Literacy
  • Big 6 of Critical Thinking
  • Problem-based scenarios
  • Finding, evaluating, and using information to address a problem or need
  • Approaching research as a puzzle


This seminar will be of interest to higher education faculty, AP high school teachers, and librarians who would like to improve students research, resource evaluation, and information gathering skills.


Instructors from all disciplines often receive papers and assignments citing weak, or even false, sources. Many can agree that today’s learners have a lack of ability or experience in critically evaluating online information. In this seminar, Katherine Jones, who is not only an instructor, but also a research librarian, will share techniques to improve the way students analyze information and decide what is relevant and reliable.

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Businesswoman goes to dive into tablet that resembles pool full of data

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