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Effective Writing Assessment in the Online Classroom

Discover a fresh look at how you can help students sharpen their writing and function at a higher level of competence in an online community of learners.

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Skillfully Mentor Online Students’ Writing Abilities

Polishing the writing skills of students remains an essential part of higher education. Online classrooms give teachers a varied toolbox for interacting with students and guiding their progress. Yet many faculty members shortchange themselves and their students, relying on techniques that are more suited to face-to-face classrooms.

Effective Writing Assessment in the Online Classroom offers a fresh look at how instructors can help students sharpen their writing and function at a higher level of competence in an online community of learners.


Transitioning from face-to-face classroom teaching to online teaching—especially when giving perceptive feedback on writing—lies at the core of this presentation. Faculty members will get valuable help in conducting and managing online teaching as well as mentoring with confidence and efficiency.

After watching this 60-minute online seminar, you will discover how to:

  • Give feedback to online students that feels personal and intensive
  • Bring a sense of community to online classes that spur student involvement
  • Accelerate student progress when you assess their writing
  • Feel more at ease and in control teaching in the online environment
  • Develop pedagogical skills

Learning Goals

The presenter explores ways that teachers can respond to student writing in an online setting to make a strong, positive impact on student development and achievement.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Set benchmarks for competence in written assessments
  • Help students self-evaluate their progress and identify areas for improvement
  • Set up discussion boards for peer reviews in small groups
  • Design peer review assignments to improve revision skills
  • Incorporate audio and video feedback in your responses to students
  • Keep overall course goals and writing assessments on track

Topics Covered

This presentation discusses the practices and behaviors that faculty members can adopt to interact with students in online classrooms in meaningful ways.

Viewers will discover methods for providing feedback that are specially geared for online classrooms but have the same kind of engagement and constructive reinforcement found in face-to-face assessments.

The presenter will demonstrate how to set expectations for written assessments. You’ll learn how to foster peer review groups that get results as well as ways to give overall collective feedback that helps students gauge their progress.

The presentation will give you strategies for every phase of the writing process, from first draft to revisions to the final finished product.


Educators who teach, manage, or coach writing in any type of online classroom can benefit from this presentation, particularly:

  • Online and hybrid course professors, teachers, and adjuncts in the humanities or other writing-intensive subjects
  • Writing program directors
  • Instructional designers
  • Faculty at two- and four-year colleges and universities
  • Faculty at public and private institutions


Nearly every online course includes a writing component or requirement. Become more in demand at your institution by knowing how to teach writing in this environment. Order your program today to continue your professional development.

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Instructor writes at desk with laptop opened

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