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Facing the Future: Educators Discuss Teaching in the Era of ChatGPT

Join three educators as they discuss teaching in the era of ChatGPT, and answer your questions about embracing this technology.

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ChatGPT is a new application that allows anyone to chat with a seemingly all-knowing artificial intelligence (AI) agent that is far more capable than previous AI models. Much of the higher-ed discussion around this technology has focused on its possible misuse by students, and whether the technology should be blocked or otherwise prohibited.

In this now on-demand Magna Online Seminar, three educators discuss teaching in the era of ChatGPT, and answered participants’ questions about embracing this technology:

  • Teachers can use ChatGPT—and related emerging artificial intelligence tools—in several constructive ways.
    Jeremy Caplan will explain how to use AI for syllabus and lesson plan ideation, in developing exercises and activities that help foster engaged learning, and as a tool to help students strengthen their writing.
  • Research tells us that students invest less effort in a learning activity or assessment and may be tempted to act dishonestly, when a) they don’t see the value of the task, b) they don’t care much about the material, and c) when they’re anxious about their ability to do well.
    We can address these challenges in our assignment design using emotion and motivation science. Based on this body of literature, Flower Darby will discuss how to minimize the temptation to “game the system” using AI by designing prompts that capture students’ attention and imagination, that are relevant to students’ daily lives and goals, and that foster confidence and integrity.
  • How might ChatGPT and other AI tools change the way we approach our teaching?
    Liz Norell will place ChatGPT into broader context as a tool for learning, not a threat to learning. Given that ChatGPT now exists (and will only get better) in both educational and workplace settings, she will discuss how to help students become critical users of the technology—when it might be useful, when it’s less so, and how to know the difference. It’s important to distinguish that this is not a doomsday scenario for higher education; it’s an opportunity to innovate in our teaching and learning mission.

Why you don’t want to miss this!

  • This is a specific conversation about ChatGPT. It takes on the topic of AI from three points of view: how it can help teachers do their jobs, recognizing it can present temptations of cheating and addressing how to overcome that, and how teachers can help students become critical users of AI technology.
  • This generation of students will be using AI in their careers, so teaching them how to interface with and bring critical thinking to interactions with AI is a new and necessary skill.
  • The originally live format provided unique interaction with a panel discussion plus an extended Q&A so attendees that participated live were able to ask direct questions for additional guidance.


What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify applications for AI in syllabus, lesson plan, and course assignment creation
  • Discuss AI as a tool to support student skill development
  • Apply concepts from emotion and motivation science to preempt academic integrity issues
  • Guide students in the critical use of technology

Who should attend?

  • Faculty
  • Instructional Designers
  • Academic Leadership

Why This Matters

ChatGPT has gained quite a bit of buzz since its introduction in November 2022. Its place in higher education is a polarizing topic, and many educators have a “fear of the unknown” around this recent technology. This Magna Online Seminar is intended to clarify the benefits of using AI in several aspects of higher education and help teachers shift their thinking to embrace teaching alongside AI technology.


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