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From Research to Practice: Academic Witnessing as Resiliency Practice in Higher Education

Discover how academic witnessing transforms higher education in our Magna Online Seminar, as your presenters unveil their research on its power to empower faculty and institutions, addressing the challenges of work-life balance, inequities, and job insecurity while fostering supportive environments for growth and success.


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Recent studies have identified significant stressors in higher education that are causing faculty members to leave academia, including poor work-life balance, inequities, and unsupportive working environments. These stressors, coupled with rising job insecurity, pose a long-term recruitment and retention challenge in higher education.

Fortunately, there is a practice that can provide faculty members support, trust, belonging, and help them to flourish: academic witnessing.

Join our Magna Online Seminar where your presenters discuss their research featured in the January 2024 issue of the Journal of Faculty Development. Their work explores academic witnessing within informal social structures, showcasing how it empowers both faculty and institutions to thrive.

Through grounded theory analysis of a micro-community, they unveil their key findings: the importance of safe spaces, peer modeling, inclusive practices, and creating collective opportunities. Discover how academic witnessing encapsulates these elements, offering insights into fostering supportive environments for faculty growth and institutional success.

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This!

  • This online seminar brings published research to life and provides access to the researchers in an interactive format to explore how you can apply this research yourself.
  • You’ll experience an opportunity in this online seminar to practice academic witnessing yourself.
  • You’ll receive a facilitator’s guide to share this practice with others at your institution and within your own micro-communities.


What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the concept of academic witnessing in the context of faculty development
  • Identify examples of academic witnessing and understand how informal micro-communities can positively benefit faculty development, build resiliency, and support wellbeing
  • Apply the concept of academic witnessing to your own professional practice/micro-communities
  • Ideate on new lines of research and inquiry regarding support for faculty resilience and micro-communities

Who should attend?

  • Directors of Centers for Teaching and Learning
  • Educational Developers
  • Faculty Developers
  • Administrative Leaders
  • Faculty

What’s included?

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  • On-demand access
  • Written transcript
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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