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How to Effectively Lead Change in Higher Education

If you want to make things happen on your campus and help others embrace the changes, you just need to know the steps to take that help ensure success. This seminar breaks change down into a process and then gives you a road map to follow.

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Lead the Charge: Become a Campus Change Agent

If you want to implement change on your campus, you need a framework to help you plan, work incrementally toward your goal, and position yourself for success.

This seminar gives you that framework.

If you would like to introduce a new or different concept to your campus, but you aren’t sure how to do it, this 40-minute seminar presents the change process as a multi-step methodology that you can adapt to any idea or endeavor.

Learning Goals

After this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Create a sense of urgency around the change you want to lead
  • Select a guiding coalition to lead the change
  • Identify the key obstacles to the change you want to lead
  • Empower employees to implement change by training, removing obstacles, and aligning evaluation systems
  • Generate short-term wins related to change in order to build momentum for its successful implementation

This is a targeted seminar that delivers what you need to know about leading change.

Topics Covered

This seminar presents a proven framework that covers the various steps of the change process.

These include building a sense of urgency about a proposed change, building a coalition to lead the change, identifying obstacles, empowering individuals to overcome those obstacles, aligning evaluation systems, and generating incremental wins to prove progress and generate momentum.

Participants will also learn:

  • That change doesn’t happen by authoritarian decree
  • To work with colleagues to build a case for necessary change before launching a change initiative
  • How to establish a guiding coalition to lead the change
  • How to identify the key obstacles to address (and be sure you can address each obstacle before you ask others to commit to the change)
  • How to generate quantifiable, short-term wins related to the change
  • How to use those short-term wins to build momentum


How to Effectively Lead Change in Higher Education would be particularly useful for the following:

  • Department chairs
  • Deans
  • Vice presidents
  • Faculty members
  • Anyone eager to have a department or school embrace a new concept, approach, or idea


Fundamentally, change is not a decision. It is a process. Order today and begin your process.

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Group of academic leaders have discussion during a meeting

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