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Interpreting Rigor: Tools for Evaluating Faculty and Increasing Program Retention

Teachers and students measure hard courses by different yardsticks. Program leaders need to be aware of these different perspectives in order to apply strategies that identify and address gaps to foster student success, increase program retention, and promote faculty development.

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When it comes to defining what makes a rigorous course, students and faculty are not on the same page.

This disconnect makes it difficult for students to understand what is expected of them, leading to discouragement and disengagement, which in turn negatively impacts their learning as well as course evaluations.

Order Interpreting Rigor: Tools for Evaluating Faculty and Increasing Program Retention online seminar, presented by Lolita Paff, PhD. You’ll explore teacher and student conceptions of rigor, the implications of their differences, and administrative strategies that you can use to improve communication between faculty and their students.


When faculty and student success suffers, so does an administrators ability to craft and maintain a successful program of study. Implementing strategies that align student and instructor conceptions of rigor leads to more positive learning environments and, therefore, more successful programs of study.

By participating in this seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate student feedback in the context of students learning and intellectual development and properly convey this information to faculty
  • Influence faculty to better communicate their definition of rigor and more closely align it with student expectations
  • Set up an action plan that bridges the gap between faculty and student perceptions of rigor

Learning Goals

Most college administrators have struggled with poor feedback from students about instructors and courses due to mismatched conceptions of rigor in the classroom and the inability of instructors to communicate their own definition of rigor. This results in course evaluations that do not effectively represent the course or the teacher, as well as poor retention rates.

After completing this online seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Define rigor from student and faculty perspectives
  • Identify and implement strategies that nurture more closely aligned definitions of rigor and enhance the quality of course evaluations, promote learning, and increase retention
  • Create stronger connections between students and instructors and foster more effective learning environments

Topics Covered

  • Defining rigor and dispelling common student and teacher misconceptions
  • Strategies for promoting alignment between student and faculty expectations of rigor
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of course evaluations and promoting positive learning environments


This seminar is intended for administrators who are seeking strategies to improve the quality of student course evaluations in context of rigor in order to enhance learning, increase retention, and provide more constructive faculty performance assessments.


By ordering this seminar, you will receive the tools and knowledge to enhance communication and build stronger connections between teachers and students, resulting in course evaluations that effectively represent both the course and its instructor.

Order today to discover new strategies for improving student learning and retention rates.

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The word "Rigor" is measured by ruler on top of it

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