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Leading Change and Effective Communication: Quick Response to the Threat of Coronavirus to Support a Campus Community

COVID-19 RESOURCEAs COVID-19 spreads across the nation, every college and university will need a plan to respond. This online seminar will explore the approaches for preparing for the various impacts that most institutions share.

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What is Covered?

  • Assembling your Response Team
  • Faculty readiness for remote instruction
  • Staff readiness for remote work
  • Equipment needs
  • Student needs
  • Special considerations for technical programs
  • Equity considerations
  • and much more!

Who Should View this Online Seminar?

  • Anyone in an academic leadership role
  • Deans
  • Provosts
  • Department Chairs

Additional Detail

Our presenter, Stephanie Delaney, PhD, is the vice president of instruction for Renton Technical College. As a Washington State Community College, Renton operates as a member of a 34-college system. During the COVID-19 outbreak, these 34 colleges have been working collaboratively, sharing best practices in messaging, policy adaptations, and responses.

Stephanie will share her insights and experiences about the diligent teamwork taken to prepare for the inevitable impact this outbreak will have on her campus and provide guidance on best practices to help you do the same for your campus.

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  • Supplemental materials
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