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Online Learning through Instructional Design

This seminar provides you with the tools to seamlessly transition from face-to-face courses to an online learning format.

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Instructional Design to Enhance Online Learning and Engagement

Design brings forth what would not come naturally. —Klaus Krippendorff

If developing engaging online courses that promote interaction and motivate learners was easy, everyone would be doing it. Of course, it’s more complicated than that; not only are you framing an online course, you’re building a virtual classroom and community.

How do you ensure the course you are teaching provides students with the high-quality online learning experiences they deserve?

By leaning on the theories of instructional design, you can construct a framework for online courses that enhances student engagement and deepens learning.

In a time when students have unlimited access to content and can learn almost anything on the Web, instructional design is essential to creating a structured learning environment. By applying instructional design to your online courses, you will be better equipped to guide the learner and frame a meaningful learning experience.

The seminar Online Learning through Instructional Design will show you how.


Simply providing content to students and giving them the space to learn on their own is not an effective approach to online instruction. One critical aspect of instructional design is that it supports the process of learning rather than the process of teaching.

This seminar will guide you in creating a systematic process for developing education and training programs in a consistent and reliable fashion. You will learn:

  • How to modify face-to-face courses for the online format
  • How to design engaging online activities that promote interaction and facilitate deep learning
  • How to motivate students to engage in online discussion boards
  • How to use technology to teach effective online learning strategies and assess student learning

Learning Goals

When designed and implemented effectively, online learning holds huge potential for students seeking a flexible learning medium. This seminar provides you with the tools to seamlessly transition from face-to-face courses to an online learning format.

After partaking in this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Design rich, online multimedia content to facilitate student understanding and learning
  • Create meaningful online learning activities that enhance student engagement and learning outcomes
  • Select and implement appropriate technology to support online learning and interaction
  • Assess students’ online learning with a variety of assessment tools

Topics covered

  • Utilizing online learning design strategies, tools, and practical tips
  • Redesigning face-to-face courses for online delivery
  • Creating an online student orientation
  • Producing a course overview trailer
  • Forming a virtual walk through of the course website
  • Designing an effective syllabus and a syllabus quiz
  • Creating a well-organized online course structure
  • Organizing online modules
  • Teaching effective online learning strategies
  • Using strategic course announcements
  • Implementing multimedia, such as text, videos, and games
  • Designing active and interactive online learning activities
  • Using technology to help students demonstrate learning
  • Understanding methods for assessing student learning


This seminar is intended for those who have a basic understanding of online learning and are interested in creating the best possible experience for students. This includes:

  • Faculty who are making the transition from face-to-face to online instruction
  • Teaching assistants seeking a solid introduction to online learning design
  • Instructional designers interested in an introduction to online learning design strategies
  • Faculty developers pursuing meaningful online learning activities to enhance student engagement
  • Center for teaching and learning staff


This is a chance for those with a calling to teach to translate their success to a new environment. The presenter, Dr. Meixun Zheng, is an experienced faculty developer with a deep understanding of instructional design who will provide faculty and learning staff with the best tools available for making the transition from face-to-face to online instruction.

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Blue silhouettes of heads have thought bubbles with doodles emerging from brains

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