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Practical Strategies to Improve Student Retention in Online Courses

COVID-19 RESOURCELearn why there is an increased danger of attrition in online courses and how to address this in four key areas: course design, instructor presence, personal attention, and connectedness to the institution.



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COVID-19 RESOURCEEffective strategies that will keep your online students coming back for more!

While most colleges and universities continue to see significant growth in the number of online courses and degree programs they offer, student retention rates are still lower than face-to-face offerings.

More and more students are turning to online programs because they offer the flexibility that many people need to accommodate family obligations, a full-time job, or anything else that makes it difficult to attend classes on campus. So why aren’t retention rates reflecting that easier access?

Enrollment in online courses and degree programs is definitely on the rise. But increased enrollment shouldn’t be your only goal. You also need to keep your students engaged in the courses you offer—and keep them coming back for more.

So why are retention rates lower for online than for face-to-face programs? What are the strategies you can use to hang on to more of your students? And how do you regularly measure retention rates to make sure you’re on the right track?


Get answers to these questions and more when you order Practical Strategies to Improve Student Retention in Online Courses. Listen as speaker Brian Udermann provides you with several innovative strategies you can use to improve retention in your online courses and degree programs.

You’ll learn what other higher education institutions are doing to improve their online retention rates, how to measure your own retention, and why having buy-in from your institution is critical to the success of your online courses and degree programs.


Whether you’re a program director, department chair, dean or assistant/associate dean, provost or assistant/associate provost, or faculty—anyone involved in creating, teaching, supporting, or promoting online education—this seminar is exactly what you need.

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