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Three Secrets to Building Diverse and Inclusive Online Learning Environments

Through the strategies discussed in this Magna Online Seminar, you’ll come away better prepared to increase student participation and engagement in a diverse online classroom, equipped with strategies that increase student inclusion in the online environment, and ready to create culturally responsive social presence in the online space.

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As an instructor, you’re probably aware of the importance of teaching in a culturally responsive way which acknowledges your students’ diverse perspectives, experiences, and approaches to learning.

Culture impacts how students learn and perceive faculty and course content. It can affect motivation, retention, and classroom success, so being sensitive to culture and ensuring all students feel valued and respected can mean the difference between a student that successfully graduates and one that never makes it that far. Ensuring inclusivity and a sense of community is often much more difficult to do in the online setting, as face-to-face interaction is limited and communication is driven by written correspondence.

Fortunately, there are a number of teaching approaches you can leverage to transform a diverse group of individual online learners into an active online learning community.

This Magna Online Seminar begins with a general introduction to social presence and an overview of the significance of social presence to the online classroom when viewed through the lens of culture and diversity. Through an interactive discussion, you’ll delve into the application of various dimensions of cultural relevance and explore strategies that increase student engagement in the online classroom. You’ll discover instructional strategies that decrease acculturation and increase cultural responsiveness in the online environment.

What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase student participation and completion rates in the online classroom
  • Create social presence with a culturally responsive lens
  • Encourage students to actively consider differing perspectives
  • Create inclusive online spaces for all students

Here’s what we’ll cover!

  • Cultural attributes of social presence
  • Instructional strategies that decrease acculturation in online experiences
  • Culturally responsive online learning environments

Who should attend?

The seminar will benefit:

  • Faculty
  • Instructional Designers
  • Faculty Advisors

Why you don’t want to miss this!

How can you create a safe space where students from a variety of backgrounds are open to sharing their experiences and viewpoints?

By applying the culturally responsive teaching practices detailed in this seminar, you’ll be able to build more effective learning experiences and increase student engagement in online environments. This will ultimately help promote social justice and a sense of community at your institution and beyond.

As today’s student populations grow more and more diverse, its vital that you’re equipped with methods that help create a sense of community and inclusion for ALL students. This seminar considers different pedagogical approaches and details concrete strategies for building a safe space where students from a variety of backgrounds are open to sharing their experiences and viewpoints. Register for this topical seminar today!

What’s included?

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Images of people around the world are connected by lines and dots

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