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Using Student Feedback to Immediately Improve Teaching

For teaching faculty who are looking for continuous improvement in their instruction, this Magna Online Seminar demonstrates how real-time evaluations and teaching improvement benefit both current students and the instructor.


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Using student feedback can be one of the most powerful ways instructors can improve their teaching. This Magna Online Seminar explores why it’s important to gather student feedback on teaching and the benefits that can come with collecting and acting on that feedback.

What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of collecting student feedback on teaching while a course is in-session
  • Design effective tools/surveys to gather student feedback
  • Identify effective strategies on how to collect student feedback
  • Explain the importance of thoroughly reflecting on the feedback received from students
  • Determine ways that their teaching can be improved based upon the feedback received from students

Who should attend?

  • Faculty

Why you don’t want to miss this!

It is common for institutions to collect student feedback on teaching once a course is completed and that feedback is often used as a performance measure for instructors. It is less common to use student feedback as a teaching improvement tool. Doing so can be an effective way for faculty to improve instruction.

In this Magna Online Seminar, you will learn ways to effectively design tools, surveys, and instruments to collect student feedback and learn strategies of how to actually go about gathering that feedback. Additionally, you will be able to implement changes based on student feedback while their course is in session to improve your teaching and positively impact student learning.

What’s included?

Your seminar registration includes the following:

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  • Written transcript
  • Supplemental materials
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There is no limit to how many times the seminar is accessed while available on-demand.

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