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What are Microaggressions and What Can I Do About Them?

This seminar offers an understanding of microaggressions in the classroom, strategies to take when they occur, and suggestions on how to create a classroom climate that limits them.



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In any classroom environment, the unfortunate occurrence of microaggressions—subtle or indirect discrimination or bullying—is always possible.

Whether an observer, the target, or unintended perpetrator of microaggressions, you may not know how to recognize them or how to respond to them as they happen.

As student populations grow more and more diverse, it’s becoming increasingly important for instructors to take extra strides to ensure a safe space for all students—part of that includes mitigating the possibility of microaggressions.

Order What are Microaggressions and What Can I Do About Them?, presented by Tasha Souza, PhD, and you’ll gain an understanding of what microaggressions look like in the classroom, actions to take when they occur, and how to cultivate a classroom environment that limits them.


By knowing what microaggressions are, the impact they have on students and learning, and how to respond to them, faculty will become more effective teachers, and students will be in a better position to learn and grow in the classroom.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe microaggressions and their impact
  • Consider ways to create a class climate that limits microaggressions
  • Apply strategies in response to microaggressions

Topics Covered

Microaggressions in the classroom:

  • Definition of microaggressions
  • Implicit bias
  • Examples of microaggressions
  • The impact of microaggressions
  • Strategies for responding to microaggressions


This seminar will benefit faculty and instructors.


Learning the skills to limit and effectively respond to microaggressions in the classroom will contribute to developing a welcoming climate both in the classroom and on campus, making the institution a place where diverse populations feel safe and are given access to the same high-quality education.

Order this topical seminar to gain an overview of what microaggressions are, how to spot and respond to them when they happen, and methods for creating a classroom environment where the occurrence of microaggressions is limited.

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