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How You Can Use AI to Maximize Time Management

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can be a cost-effective resource, easing faculty workloads, combating burnout, and enhancing productivity, ultimately ensuring a better educational experience for both educators and students in today’s challenging academic landscape.

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In a disconcerting trend, a recent report reveals that faculty members have seen a staggering 15% increase in their duties between the spring and fall of 2023. This surge in responsibilities poses a significant threat to faculty wellbeing, paving the way for more burnout, disengagement, and a rise in turnover in the coming years. Faculty members aren’t the only ones affected either, as this has serious implications for student success as well.

Compounding the issue is the reality that faculty members often lack the additional resources necessary to cope with this escalating workload, a challenge heightened by the current climate of declining funding. Fortunately, there’s an emerging practical solution – Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a cost-effective way to ease the workload burden on faculty and increases productivity.

This Magna Online Seminar, led by Michael G. Strawser, PhD, Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Central Florida and principal of Legacy Communication Training and Consulting, LLC, is designed to provide practical assistance with:

  • An overview of how AI is currently being utilized in higher education
  • A self-assessment tool to identify specific AI needs tailored to individual situations
  • Insights and recommendations on a mix of free and paid AI tools that can enhance efficiency and effectiveness in teaching, research, and service.

This is a valuable opportunity for faculty members to regain control over their time and workload. Gain access to a treasure trove of cost-effective resources, enabling them to navigate the challenges of modern academia while ensuring an unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible education to their students.

Three Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss This!

  1. Faculty Wellbeing Matters: Learn how AI can alleviate faculty burnout by streamlining workloads and increasing productivity, ensuring a healthier and more engaged teaching environment.
  2. Student Success at Stake: Understand the impact of faculty well-being on student outcomes and explore AI solutions that contribute to an optimal learning experience for students.
  3. Empower Faculty in a Resource-Strained Environment: Discover practical, cost-effective AI tools that empower faculty to manage their workload effectively, no matter how limited the budget.


What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the application and impact of AI in academic settings
  • Identify your own AI needs
  • Craft a plan of use that can be helpful and not overwhelming
  • Implement techniques that will help you use AI to maximize time and efficiency
  • Acquire skills to implement and customize AI tools for enhanced productivity
  • Anticipate and prepare for future trends in higher education

Who should attend?

  • Faculty
  • Administrative Staff
  • Faculty Developers
  • Deans and Associate Deans
  • Faculty Developers
  • Department Heads and Chairs

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What’s included?

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