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How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?

Feedback is a key element in the learning process. Discover multiple feedback strategies that can grab students’ attention, help them learn from their mistakes, and upgrade your online feedback, making it more specific, timely, and effective.

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How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?

When it comes to helping online students learn, few practices pack the pedagogical punch of quality online feedback.

Don’t you wish your students understood that?

Too many students think of feedback in terms of grading, and they miss out on the educational benefits of following up on their assignments.

Find out how different feedback strategies can grab students’ attention in How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?

In this Magna 20-Minute Mentor program, you’ll learn specific techniques to help you make online feedback a two-way street.


The program presenter points out that common practices in face-to-face and online feedback can undercut the basic goal of feedback, which is to help students understand, and learn from, their missteps and mistakes.

She shares a more holistic approach to help you upgrade your online feedback, making it more specific, timely, and effective—in less time than you might spend grading one paper.

Learn practical feedback strategies to help you:

  • Promote student success with feedforward, or pre-emptive feedback
  • Transform students into active consumers of online feedback with one-to-many presentation
  • Help students better understand criteria through peer-to-peer discussion
  • Enhance student engagement through multimedia online feedback

Learning Goals

Following Bloom’s Taxonomy of critical thinking, this session will guide you from comprehension through application to synthesis. After participating in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify technologies to help you incorporate feedback banks into your online teaching
  • Employ multimedia feedback for online courses
  • Formulate one-to-many feedback strategies
  • Design feedforward feedback strategies

Topics Covered

Feedback is more than a polite word for grading. It’s a key element in the learning process, and it’s essential while teaching online.

To be effective, online grading and feedback needs to be high quality and something students use.

You’ll learn four dynamic feedback strategies to help you connect with your students:

  • Feedforward: Providing students with the resources they need to reach learning objectives, when making the assignment
  • One-to-many: Streamlining generalized online feedback and delivering it to all students
  • Peer-to-peer: Harnessing the power of student communication to support online teaching goals
  • Multimedia: Engaging students with different learning styles and enhancing discussions through audio, animation, video, and screen capture


To help you implement these feedback strategies, you’ll also receive:

  • Sample documents
  • Checklists
  • Discussion guides
  • Lists of additional resources, including free software to support peer-to-peer online feedback and development of multimedia resources


Does this sound familiar?

You take online teaching seriously and put conscientious effort into online feedback, only to find students ignoring your comments to focus on grading.

If this scenario is frustratingly familiar, How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes? is for you, whether you’re experienced or a newcomer to online teaching. It’s suitable for intermediate and entry-level audiences, and applies to instructors working in public and private institutions.

It’s also perfect for educators with jam-packed schedules. Like all Magna 20-Minute Mentors, this is a concise and content-rich seminar, by and for busy professionals. This session will not only help you improve your online feedback, it will also help you save time, by showing you how to provide proactive and streamlined feedback that gets students attention.

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feedback for online classes to teachers

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