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How Can I Gauge Online Learning Through Engaging Activities and Assignments?

For remote and online teachers who want to assess learning to keep students on track, this 20-Minute Mentor provides many ideas specific to online and remote teaching for activities, assignments, and assessments that gauge learning.

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How Can I Gauge Online Learning Through Engaging Activities and Assignments?

As a teacher, you are generally familiar with creating assignments in a traditional in-person class environment, but in an online environment, how do you gauge your students learning and comprehension so that you know they are mastering the material?

This 20-Minute Mentor builds on what you already know about assignments and activities while explaining how you can adjust, adapt, and expand your existing assignments and activities you have—and adopt some new ones—to strengthen your teaching in an online context.

You will be able to strengthen your teaching by becoming more attuned to what students are actually learning in an online class; learn how to craft more engaging, useful activities for online learning; and add some creativity and fun to your online teaching. You will be provided with specific tactics and frameworks for remotely assessing how much students understand the material taught in an online course and be able to implement new activities and assignments online to gauge student comprehension.

Learning Goals

After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Use activities in live sessions to gauge student comprehension
  • Implement several kinds of asynchronous activities that can be employed to check for understanding
  • Understand how assignments can be used to determine what particular skills and understanding students in an online course have and have not yet attained

Topics Covered

  • The importance of gauging online student learning and why it’s a doubly productive process
  • Examples of remote activities that help provide a measure of student progress
  • The types of assignments that usefully inform you about what students do and do not yet fully understand, or what they can and cannot yet do
  • Examples of assignments that can be used to effectively gauge student online learning
  • Useful digital tools for gauging online learning with activities online
  • How to make sure your formative assessments are useful for you and for your students


This program will benefit:

  • Professors
  • Adjunct Professors
  • Associate Professors
  • Assistant Professors
  • Instructors
  • Visiting Lecturers
  • High School Teachers

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