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How Can I Spark and Sustain Engagement in Reluctant Learners?

Learn five proven gamification strategies from presenter Andrew Davies to transform skeptical and apathetic students into engaged and motivated learners, eliminating frustration, disengagement, and negative learning environments, while setting a new standard for classroom engagement and student success.


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How Can I Spark and Sustain Engagement in Reluctant Learners?

Facing a classroom of skeptical and apathetic students can be daunting. The extra time and effort to engage reluctant learners often leads to increased frustration and disengagement, creating a negative learning environment.

In just 20 minutes, you can start turning those students into engaged and motivated learners with five proven gamification strategies. Join presenter Andrew Davies, Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, as he shares actionable insights and real-life examples, revealing not only what works in his own curriculum but also the common pitfalls to avoid. By embracing these strategies, you’ll witness a remarkable boost in student motivation and performance, setting a new standard for classroom engagement.

Don’t waste precious time on trial and error. Embrace the power of gamification to unlock student success and create a dynamic, enriching learning experience for all!

Learning Goals

After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to incorporate short, playful activities into an existing curriculum to boost student engagement
  • Incentivize extra credit work
  • Utilize the novel retrieval practice exercise
  • Create a narrative around class assessments

Topics Covered

  • Game-base teaching
  • Gamification
  • Class Openers
  • Game-based instruction
  • Game-infused retrieval practice
  • “Storified” Assessments
  • Gamified Extra Credit


This program will benefit:

  • Faculty teaching in any modality
  • Instructional Designers
  • Faculty Developers


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