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How Can I Teach Courses That Are Inclusively Accessible to All Learners?

Gain six easy-to-implement and time-efficient strategies to create an inclusively accessible learning environment, empowering all students, including those with both documented and undocumented disabilities, to thrive!

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How Can I Teach Courses That Are Inclusively Accessible to All Learners?

As the percentage of students with documented disabilities continues to surge, surpassing 21% among undergraduates and 11% among graduate students, the urgency to address their needs becomes more evident than ever. This doesn’t even consider the significant portion of students who don’t self-identify, don’t disclose their disability to their instructor or university, or may not know they may have one.

The repercussions of neglecting the diverse needs of students with disabilities are profound. When students cannot engage with course material in a way that aligns with their unique learning methods and capabilities, their academic performance suffers, impacting their success and well-being. Additionally, the lack of inclusive practices can affect students with documented disabilities and hinder the learning potential of all students, creating barriers to meaningful participation and comprehension.

This 20-Minute Mentor, presented by Kathryn Welby, EdD, illuminates the path to inclusivity by offering six practical and time-efficient strategies which not only bridge the gap for students with disabilities but also foster an environment where every learner, regardless of their individual abilities, can thrive. By emphasizing the importance of a one-page supplemental guide, daily agendas, explicit goal setting, diverse assessments, and universal accessibility, educators will gain invaluable insights into creating learning environments that are not only accommodating but empowering for all students.

Join us in improving student success by embracing inclusivity as a fundamental aspect of effective teaching and learning. Together, let’s pave the way for a future where every student can reach their full potential, while feeling supported, valued, and empowered to succeed!

Learning Goals

After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of creating an inclusive learning environment
  • Develop accommodations and teaching strategies to foster inclusivity in the classroom
  • Assess the effectiveness of accommodation practices on student engagement and success
  • Understand the significance of key aspects of inclusive course design including: one-page supplemental guides, posting agendas, setting explicit goals, and employing various assessments
  • Create a learning environment where all learners can thrive

Topics Covered

  • Creating an inclusive and accessible course for all learners
  • Improve student support by implementing universally accessible accommodations
  • Accommodations and teaching strategies, including:
    • One-Page Supplement Guides
    • Daily Agendas
    • Learning Objectives
    • Formative Reflections
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Assessment Variations


This program will benefit faculty teaching in any modality.


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