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What Are Practical Solutions for Managing My Online Teaching Workload?

This 20-Minute Mentor will provide a variety of practical solutions for faculty to use to manage their online teaching workload, including ways to effectively provide student feedback in less time and how to eliminate “time-stealers”.

Three computers showing online teaching workload

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What Are Practical Solutions for Managing My Online Teaching Workload?

Instructor workload is a definite concern for instructors teaching online courses. Both the development and facilitation of online courses can be work-intensive; however, the workload related to developing and teaching online courses doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

This 20-Minute Mentor will explore a variety of practical solutions instructors can use to manage the workload of online teaching.

Learning Goals

After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways they can take into account workload considerations while they are planning and developing online courses
  • Explain how the strategy of assigning less work could have a significant impact on instructor workload
  • Describe how using certain feedback strategies to assess student work can positively influence instructor workload
  • Pinpoint course development and facilitation practices that may be consistent “time stealers” and explore how to rectify those
  • Understand the benefit of not “recreating the wheel” when developing and teaching online courses

Topics Covered

  • Workload: number of courses, students, and assessments, how assessments are administered, and other job duties
  • Assigned Work: avoiding busy work, focusing on what is important for students to know
  • Adjusting Feedback: number of items to be graded, auto grade, audio/video feedback, LMS rubric function, peer review
  • Minor Time Stealers: course organization and set-up, clarity for students (where to go and what they should be doing), detailed directions for assignments, encouraging students to find answers for themselves
  • Avoiding Reinventing the Wheel: content from other sources, publisher resources (PPT’s, exams), asking colleagues for ideas (e.g., discussions), evergreen content (intros, videos)


This program will benefit:

  • Instructors
  • Professors
  • Instructional Designers

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Three computers showing online teaching workload

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