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What Should I Consider When Evaluating Online Teaching Faculty?


This mentor is especially useful for anyone new to evaluating faculty, uncomfortable with confrontation or coaching difficulty conversations, or interested in redesigning the evaluation process or mechanism (form/tool) on their campus.


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What Should I Consider When Evaluating Online Teaching Faculty?

Good teaching in the online course is probably better evidenced than face-to-face courses because of the digital evidence to measure. The problem for administrators new to online delivery methods is knowing where to look for their evidence and the adoption of authentic and active learning techniques to illustrate best practice in the online classroom.

Purchase the What Should I Consider When Evaluating Online Teaching Faculty? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Dan Keast, PhD. This mentor is excellent preparation for any academic leader tasked with evaluating online teaching.

Learning Goals 

After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the evaluation process for online teaching
  • Knowledge of where to look in an online course to find evidence of good teaching
  • Awareness of helpful tools for evaluators, such as the Penn State rubric

Topics Covered

  • Evaluation models
  • Pre- and post-evaluation meeting guidelines
  • Principles of good practices for online teaching
  • Where to look for evidence of good online teaching practices
  • Resources and recommendations to find on your campus to help faculty


This program will benefit:

  • Department chairs
  • Academic leaders responsible for online faculty performance reviews

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