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A faculty development tool designed to develop skills for effective college teaching to improve student learning outcomes.

Institution-led faculty development ensures alignment with institutional goals and establishes consistency across departments. Magna Quest is the only online faculty development curriculum that integrates with your on-campus Center for Teaching and Learning. With 5 Credentials and 17 Proficiencies covering essential topics such as course design, teaching strategies, and diversity and inclusion, Magna Quest addresses the evolving needs of higher education. 

Each program provides practical skills and knowledge that faculty can immediately apply in the classroom. Magna Quest’s curriculum videos and supporting material were developed specifically for college faculty by national teaching experts. On-campus program facilitators receive support and resources from Magna Publications to ensure success as Magna Quest Campus Coaches. 

How would Magna Quest look for my faculty?

To request a personalized demo or more tailored details for your exact needs, fill out the form below and our expert Staff Development Consultant, Mackenzie Cahill will connect with you. 

Faculty Development for the Current Landscape of Higher Education

Featuring 5 credentials, 17 proficiencies, and 200 programs, Magna Quest can be customized to align with institutional values and goals with the power of learning still in the hands of faculty, giving them choice to fully engage and meet their exact needs. Each proficiency comes with a self-assessment tool which provides a customized list of programs based on the faculty’s direct input. 

College Classroom Teaching

College Classroom Teaching badge

Required Proficiencies:

  • Learning Design Level 1
  • Teaching Professor
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Teaching with Technology
Active and Engaged Learning Design

Active and Engaged Learning Design Required Proficiencies:

  • Learning Design Level 2
  • Active Learning
  • Assessing Active Learning


Online Course Design, Teaching, and Technology

Online Course Design, Teaching, and Technology badgeRequired Proficiencies:

  • Online Learning Design
  • Online Educator
  • Online Teaching Technology
  • Hybrid Learning
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Required Proficiencies:

  • Inclusive Learning Design
  • Inclusive Classroom
  • Equity and Inclusion Online
Mentoring, Leadership, and Career Development

Mentoring, Leadership, and Career Development badgeRequired Proficiencies:

  • Faculty Development
  • Leadership
  • Career Development

Magna Quest includes:

Curriculum videos and supporting materials developed by national teaching experts

Guided self-assessment to select programs within a proficiency

Downloadable supplemental materials created by the presenter

Digital badge for each proficiency or credential completed

Resources for successful implementation and onboarding for faculty and Campus Coaches

Praise for Magna Quest

Maximize Impact, Minimize Costs

With Magna Quest, faculty members can improve their teaching skills to help deliver transformative educational experiences for their students without straining CTL staff or budget.

Priced per user as well as an option for unlimited access, Magna Quest is a cost-effective faculty development offering.

A 50% professional discount is available for Magna Digital Library campuses with an active Magna Digital Library subscription.

For more information or to purchase please contact Magna Sales at or call 800-433-0499 ext. 183