Infusing Critical Thinking into Your Courses

Infusing Critical Thinking into Your Courses

If ever there were a time in history for critical thinking, this is it.

What’s fact? What’s false? What do I know? How can I separate the wheat from the chaff and process the world through a lens of reason?

We’re all asking those questions—but our students, especially, are trying to come to terms with them.

The Magna Online Course Infusing Critical Thinking into Your Courses gives teachers the tools to light a path for their students. Led by Linda B. Nilson, PhD, the founding director of Clemson University’s Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, it presents research-based, classroom-tested best practices that can be immediately applied in the classroom. It explains in detail how to:

  • Establish a definition of critical thinking to guide course development
  • Write outcomes based on critical thinking
  • Create assignments to establish critical-thinking fundamentals in students
  • Craft advanced assignments to further develop students’ skills
  • Design effective objective-item and constructed-response assessments
  • Develop assessment rubrics

This comprehensive, module-based program is an invaluable resource for educators at any career stage. Designed for asynchronous learning, it can be started any time, and completed at any pace, from virtually any device. Regular learning checks gauge understanding of the content, and a final check leads to a certificate of completion.

In addition to roughly ten hours of instruction, the course comes with a wealth of supplemental materials including handouts, readings, transcripts, and links to online resources.

Learning Goals

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have the knowledge and tools to:

  • Articulate a definition of critical thinking
  • Develop learning outcomes based on critical thinking
  • Design impactful assignments and meaningful assessments
  • Guide students as they develop their evaluative, analytical, and reasoning skills

Today’s world demands rigor and discernment in our thinking. There’s no better place to develop the requisite skills for the task than a college classroom. Infusing Critical Thinking into Your Courses can help faculty light the way for students; add it to your professional development library today!

Who Will Benefit From The Course

  • Professors
  • Adjuncts
  • Instructors
  • Lecturers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Faculty developers
  • Department heads


# of people Cost per person
1 $299
2-4 $269
5-9 $189
10-19 $149
20-39 $129
40-59 $109
60-79 $89
80-99 $79
100-149 $69
150-199 $59
200 $49

The course enrollment will expire one year after activation.

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