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Wellbeing Elixir for Students

Developed by educators who understand the challenges students face, this course helps students address wellbeing and resilience in order to become healthier in both their personal and academic lives.

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Life pressures have increased dramatically for most students. Many are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or feelings of being overwhelmed like never before. With remote learning, feelings of isolation, and stress due to the re-entry back into in-person learning, students are struggling with tremendous pressure which is taking a huge toll on their wellbeing.

Understanding and managing physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing can lead to more joy and less stress. This is essential to achieve optimal health. The Wellbeing Elixir for Students is designed with the wellbeing needs of students in mind, applicable to all students taking classes in any modality. Through this 6-unit course, students will explore several concepts related to wellbeing and resilience, including what gives their lives meaning and self-care strategies to improve mind, body, and spirit.

Learning Goals

At the completion of the Wellbeing Elixir for Students, students will be able to:

  • Identify challenges to personal wellbeing
  • Write a personal mission statement that reflects their “why” and what gives their life meaning
  • Define compassion, gratitude, generosity, mindfulness, and confidence and how these skills can enhance a sense of wellbeing and resilience
  • Apply a process of ongoing self-evaluation to personal performance improvement
  • Create a personal and developmental vision plan to enhance their sense of wellbeing and resilience
  • Identify resources that can help build resiliency skills and enhance their journey

Will this Course Really Make a Difference?

The presenters of the Wellbeing Elixir for Students are higher-education wellness experts who teach many courses on wellbeing in higher education. They understand the challenges, stress, and pressure students face and will guide students step-by-step through this online course.

Students will learn how to be more resilient when they experience setbacks in their lives – no matter educational, personal, or professional. And they will gain the tools to help others, too. This is a comprehensive opportunity for students to understand the steps toward wellbeing and to create a personal plan of action. When they face stress, pressure, or anxiety, they will be better equipped to handle it in a healthier way. This course will help students experience less stress and more joy in all walks of their lives.

Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace

The asynchronous course features videos, transcripts, supplementary materials, assignments, reflection questions, and a short assessment to further enhance learning. Each module provides materials that support many styles of learning and offers additional references for those who want to dig deeper into a particular subject. Participants can complete these videos and assignments on their own schedule. Access to all course materials is available for a full year, so users can revisit and refresh their learning as they progress through their wellness goals.

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