Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success

Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success

More Success When They Flex

Flexible learning, also known as modular learning, gives students some choice in their learning format.

They get to decide whether they want to approach lessons or even entire courses in face-to-face, online, or blended classrooms. And they can switch back and forth between the formats without penalty or disadvantage.

Flex learning is a lot like blended learning, but it shifts more of the control and responsibility to the students.

This gives them the freedom to explore different learning environments and figure out what works best for them.

They can also adjust as they go to accommodate the competing priorities inherent in higher education (and life).

And along the way, this discretion helps them develop their abilities to self-evaluate and monitor their progress.


Giving students more control over how, when, and where they learn can lead to better outcomes.

Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success shows you how the flex model allows instructors to imaginatively redesign almost any course to better meet the needs of students and guide them toward greater academic success.

  • Learn firsthand from flex experts just how it is done
  • Gain access to additional resources, including a worksheet that helps match available technology with pedagogical goals
  • Seminar summary, sample documents, and questionnaire included to keep you thinking and learning as you set out to flex your own instruction

Learning Goals

After viewing this this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Determine how ready you are for flex learning
  • Creatively implement activities that allow learners freedom of choice in how, when, and where they complete course activities
  • Create a module with activities that help learners meet the objectives of that module
  • Utilize the principles of both face-to-face and online pedagogy to begin designing a course around a flex concept
  • Develop self-assessment strategies to monitor the pedagogical effectiveness of the course design


Instructional technology is changing higher education. It is presenting new opportunities in both traditional face-to-face and online classrooms.

Any instructor who is interested in using technology to tailor and maximize learning would benefit from discovering more about the flex approach.

It doesn’t matter what you teach or where you teach—flex learning presents a new opportunity to facilitate greater learning and academic success.

Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success is useful for:

  • Faculty
  • Faculty developers
  • Instructors
  • Instructional designers
  • Department heads, deans, and provosts


Ordering Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success will prepare you to start flexing your instruction.

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